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Starting with a better memory of the Elden Ring can give youstartor an advantage over some early enemies as you roam the free world. Memories are a gift or bonus to your character.


At the beginning of the game, after choosing yourKlasa Elden Ringyou have the option to choosememorybeyondnew onesoptions Each memory can give its users early accesshealth,force,share,companions,attributelovers, and more. My guide will list all nine memories along with their abilities for your better understanding.

main topics

  • He canChoose oneI remember nine.
  • Every memory has its owna unique skill.
  • Even if you choose a different memory at the beginning, you can find all nine as you play.
  • memories can give youcoins,returnyour HP, slightly increases your health,to conveneenergy animals (your furry friends who help you fight) and more.
  • The guide will talk aboutthe best memoryyou have to choose now.
  • This will help you at the beginning of the game, especially if you are a beginner.
  • Please ignore "No” when choosing memory, because that would be a stupid choice.

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Best memory of the Elden Ring

Best Elden Ring Souvenir [Top 10 Explained] - VeryAli Gaming (1)

Elden Ring allows players to complete quests and travel through the magical world to learn new skills, master weapons, and unlock items, talismans, and spells.

It even gives you access to weapons used by more challenging bosses. You have various combinations to try on your way to be the best in the game.

Consequently, giving you access to ten classes in the game, you can choose to explore the world with any of theten classes. These classes include;

  • Confessor
  • Samurai
  • Bum
  • unhappy
  • Prophet
  • Hero
  • Astrologer
  • Guerrero
  • Prisoner
  • Bandit

All of the classes mentioned above have different stats and starting gear that you can use in Elden Ring. Here comes the best part, you can customize any of these characters as you wish. In addition, eachsynergizeperfect with one ofnine memoriesin the game!

Agoal azarspeed dialing the memory, make sure you read all about its capabilities. As mentioned above, they can come in handy early in the game, and we'll see why.

I prefergolden seed;however, players can choose to do soLocket of crimson amber. Both serve their purpose for the character. One gives you an extra bottle for casting spells, while the other improves your overall health.

You will have a hard time surviving during the first few hours of the game. You will want to choose a crimson amber locket for this final purpose. This is a favorable and optimal option; however, as a wizard in the Elden Ring, you'll find that FP gourds are more important than that little health bar.

Why is this? Going into the details of all the Elden Ring classes will distract us from the main topic; mages like Mage usePFthrowspells. are more focused onlong range combatand they tend to keep theirsdistancefrom the enemy. Since his main goal isCause damageover itlong range spells,ongolden seedThat's the best option.

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You have to choose from a range (basically nine) of memories, players will be left with the option of "None", and as the name suggests, you can equip zero memories. The worst option you can choose is "Nothing". Do you really think you don't need an extra hand to finish the first few hours of the game?

If you are playing the Elden Ring a second time after completing it in the first playthrough, you can choose to "No.” However, as a new player to the game, you should leave this option as is. You'll definitely need a memento like your little finger of god to help you navigate the open world of Elden Ring and fend off terrifying monsters.

Briefly,choosethis option only if you are a new player and have a basic understanding of Elden Ring. Professional players are more than welcome to opt for this option. I can have fun playing with difficult challenges.

Locket of crimson amber

As we move towards our prized and cherished Elden Ring souvenirs, I believe the Crimson Amber Medallion is the perfect souvenir for players who have chosenGuerrero,Bum, and all other classes that focus onfortalezagabilityAttributes Unlike our high-level religious studies classes. The ones I mentioned above are the best for quality builds that go aroundgreat influenceCombo weapon with maximum total health.

To doLocket of crimson amber
It was madeIncreases the max. HP by 6/7/8%

Locket of crimson ambersynergizeperfect withSurvival or health. You want to avoid dying after two or three hits from your opponent, whether in PvP or PvE combat. However, when it comes to early game memories, PvP battles matter a little now!

You just need to focus on clearing the first few hours of the game at will. This is what this memoir is about. They can help you with the various aspects mentioned in the guide.

Regardless, the Medallion will be given to playershealth bonusat the beginning of the game. What better way to start the game than with a little more health?

Another survival advantage in Elden Ring is defeatterrible enemiesand collect items. I mean, you will find it challenging/difficult to beat the enemies even in the beginning. The medallion will help you a little in these battles!

Some of them appear in more than one place. Sometimes these locations can be your best bet for farming items!

Collecting as many items as possible early guarantees arapid reinforcementwith your attributes! For example, you'll want to put points into Stamina and Intelligence forse FP i HP. That way you can run morespellsand have enoughhealthdefeat the enemies.

In short, you can follow the path to become the strongest mage or warrior by relying on brute strength or sorcery! Furthermore, the Elden Ring allows us to customize and personalize our character down to the smallest detail.

You can combine spells, talismans, weapons and armor to create the best building in Elden Ring. Builds incorporate some of the best elements of the game, allowing you to use different playstyles and spells with other effects.

For example, if you choose an Arcane build, your primary focus will be on the class with the highest Arcane, Stamina, Toughness, and Dexterity attributes.

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golden seed

Ah, the golden seed! If you are focused on building asorcerersto build, you need to choose the Golden Keepsake as the starting item. The seed gives aadditionalFP bottles the user and allows him to play morespellsfor a slightly longer period of time.

First games can be importantthreatfor magic bases if they havelimitedBottles An additional FP bottle allows you to destroy enemies with spells. On the other hand, starting the game without a Golden Seed will leave you without oneminus FPcast spells, so it's best to choose the highest number of spells you can cast.

Also, you don't have to worry too much if you accidentally choose a souvenir that didn't seem valuable to you. You will always find a lot of Gold Seeds, a Crimson Amber Locket, and the latter in various places in the Elden Ring.

To dogolden seed
FP cost-
It was madeIncreases the number of uses of the Holy Vial

Let's create a typical scenario where the Golden Seed is much more effective in combat. Suppose you are fighting an enemy like a magician or an astrologer. Your best options arelimitedto ranged attacks and spells.

wizards are missingfortalezagarmasdeal great damage to your enemies. they are better atfoundry spells. These powerful spells include Comet Azur, Carian Phalynx, and Adula's Moonblade. that's rightimprovechoose a golden seed as a souvenir when you decide to build a wizard.

the land between the runes

It's not one of the other memories that gives you a passive effect. Instead, you can consume it and sell it for 3000 runes. Not very useful in combat. However, you can upgrade quickly.

To doThe lands between the runes
FP cost-
It was madeUse it to earn a lot of runes.

So it's not your memoryTERto select during character creation. However, if you're into collecting achievements and items, feel free to pick up Lands Between Runes.

PS Use it after acceptanceMelina deal!

It reads similarly:The best buildings of Elden Ring

Captured Imp Ash

To doCaught imp ash.
FP cost50
Custo HP-
It was madeSummons two fang spirits.
TipSummoning a spirit.

It's a reminder if you're using the mage class. You'll need an extra pair of hands to fight your battles for you. Fanged Devil Ash in particular can summon devils/animals to help you in battle.

However, the lack of this memory ensures that you unlockspiritual call bellspirit summoning item!

be a mouse

To dobe a mouse
It was madeVessel needed to craft Broken Vessel item.

At the beginning of the game you can create different weapons and bombs. These are the two jackpots you can win at the beginning of the game. Don't worry, you'll be able to collect more as you venture into the open world of Elden Ring.

Cracked Pot will help you createincendiary bombs, and you can throw them into a group or swarm of enemies to even fight! again not muchexpirationyou can put in this memory.

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stone blade

To dostone blade
Tipkey element
It was madeUse it to break the seal on the devil statue.

A souvenir worth having at the start of the match. ANDstayenter nothe last stagesfrom the game, so it's safe to say you should consider downloading itbeginning. I mean, it's not that hard, but you'll know they're worth saving!

The key benefits of Stonesword are limited to rewards, items, treasure and unlocking new areas. Most of all, you can unlock those pesky devil statue seals with a pair of stone sword keys.

boiled shrimp

To doboiled shrimp
It was madeIncreases physical damage negation for a while.
FP cost-

Boiled Shrimp may not be one of the best memories of the Elden Ring, but it serves its purpose by greatly increasing your damage resistance.

If you are afraid to fight with tough opponents, definitely eat one ofcincoBoiled prawns draw a line of resistance towards yoursphysical attacks! The duration of its effects lastssixty seconds, and the percentage change in damage negation can be seen in a+15% difference!

I will speak English for beginner players. Boiled shrimp are aconsumablesan item you can use in combat to block physical attacks;walk walkgcut damage. If your enemy is more focused on these types of attacks, be sure to eat the boiled shrimp!

sofa bouquet

To dosofa bouquet
It was madeUse FP to charm impaled enemies.
FP cost14

It's more of an optional memory that you can choose at the beginning of the game, which may seem a little less useful, but it has the ability to turn enemies on your side! I think that's the only memory thatrequires FPtemporarily enchant your enemies.

Others, not so much. Also, if enemies surround you, you can alwayscharmtake them with your special memory and let them fight each other while you heal from the damage they did to you.

Also, you might want to avoid using this memory on all bosses because it won't work.

Shabriri's accident

To doShabriri's accident
It was madeIt constantly attracts the aggression of the enemy.

First, the description of this talisman (souvenir) misleads most players. Some of you might think that it is a useless memory because all it does is attract; what? Oh yes, enemy aggression.

Use it in a boss fight and you'll know what it's worth. However, since it costs about six to seven hundred FP to cast, I recommend leaving it for now and focus on getting itA grain of gold, a locket of crimson amber,Or something similarCaptured Imp AshIn the beginning.

Elden Ring bonus building

PoredSouvenirs, players can create different buildings thatGraceone or two attributes/stats above the rest and hit the strongest boss or enemy in Elden Ring. I will show you the benefits of the Elden Ring; a unique wizard construct that you can use tofailureonharderenemies in the game!

The construction allowssirany mid or late game bosses andmaster; masterwith a spell or two. As I said before, you should choose a class that complements the type of build you want to use.

Also, the stats you need to focus on to level up are Stamina, Mind, and Intelligence. Look for the class with the highest stats and start creating your build. You will be able to grind these points quickly. HeAstrologeris your class of choice when looking for a wizard build. These are the starting items and stats you get for the Astrologer!

Initial attributes for an astrologer

  • Strength – 9
  • One – 15
  • Endurance – 9
  • Strength - 8
  • Dexterity – 12
  • Intelligence – 16
  • Faith – 7
  • Arcane - 9

In particular, the astrologer class already favorsIntelligencegOne, so you'll have a points advantage in those stats.

Astrologer Starter Kit

As for the Astrologer Starter Kit, you will receive the following;

  • glintstone arch
  • shiny pebble stone
  • short sword
  • staff astrologers
  • small wooden shield
  • memory of grace
  • Memory

recommended souvenir

As we move on to the more detailed part of our guide, the memory you want to choose from the ten memories is preferably the onegolden seed. This souvenir will allow you to get an extra hand of flasks at the start of the game or you can chooseLocket of crimson amberwhich is an excellent option.

This gives your character an extra boost to HP, which is a huge relief in the early game. Aside from the bonus bottle provided by the Golden Seed, these bottles are your key items in the game.

These will allow you to cast spells using FP and lightly heal your character in challenging situations. Let's focus on the attributes you want your class to have for wizard compilation.


  • Strength – (30-45)
  • One – (20-35)
  • Endurance – (15-25)
  • Strength - (10-20)
  • Dexterity – (25-40)
  • Intelligence – (40-60)
  • faith – 8
  • Arcane - 9

You may notice that we put more points into Stamina, Intelligence, and Mind. On the other hand, attributes like faith, mystery, strength and dexterity are as low as possible.

The reason for these low scores is that you won't need faith or arcane based weapons or special effects like bleed and poison accumulation for a mage. You will only focus on casting a large number of spells.

Your ideal mage stats should focus on keeping Arcane and Fait low. Resistance can reach 60; Intelligence can increase to 80 and Mind to 45.

You say, why are these statistics so important? Let's examine them briefly!


Your main goal is to equalize the intelligence score. Stats help you consistently cast more spells in the game without breaking a sweat. Additionally, your spells, weapons, and enchantments deal more damage due to the effects of your Intelligence stat.


Your other focus should be injecting stamina points as this stat will allow your character to have more HP. The more HP you have, the more you can withstand tough battles and survive.


As for your most important characteristic, Mind allows your character to have more FP, which is crucial for casting spells in Elden Ring. Being a mage, you must have FP to cast spells. Otherwise your build will become useless.

Now that we understand the importance of these three stats to the Mage Build, let's talk about the spells needed to master this build.


Best Elden Ring Souvenir [Top 10 Explained] - VeryAli Gaming (2)

As the name suggests, it will be your main spell that deals a lot of damage by summoning a comet that creeps towards enemies. Yes, it's a long range spell that you can use to deal damage to the enemy.

Comet can also be charged to increase its power and overall damage range, making it larger. It will take25 FPcast a spell and36 Intelligenceto use it When you start a battle, you can keep your distance from enemies and throw this huge chunk of meteor ball at enemies to deal significant damage.

After charging a spell by holding the appropriate activation button, it will increase the range and allow your character to hit enemies further away from you. When enemies try to approach you, you'll have to fight them in a melee.

That's why you need weapons and spells to help you.crowd they are fighting. Spells like Carian Phalange will bevery usefulLord.

blue pipe

Best Elden Ring Souvenir [Top 10 Explained] - VeryAli Gaming (3)

The spell is incredibly broken in Elden Ring, I think it's definitely nerfed, but it still does massive damage. You will need a huge one60 intelligenceuse o Azure Comet e40 FP to throw.

Furthermore, the workings of this spell are magnificent from start to finish. I'll say it again; Azure Comet deals incredible damage at long range.

Basically, you can use it to challenge bosses without breaking a sweat. Let's assume that you carefully categorize and order your points. In this case, you won't need to use other spells or weapons to defeat the bosses. I could just keep my distance, activate power-ups, and simply cast a spell to drain all the boss's HP.

Besides, you can alsocharge this spellas long as you haveenough FP! Obviously it will cost more FP to charge the spell, but trust me, it will be worth it. That beautiful ray of total destruction will pulverize enemies in less than ten seconds!

carian phalanx

Best Elden Ring Souvenir [Top 10 Explained] - VeryAli Gaming (4)

Phalanx isn't a core spell, but it's still considered a defensive spell that you should have in your sorcery slots. requires massiveintelligence 32cast, and once you activate the spell, it forms an arc of defensive swords that attack any enemy that tries to get close to you.

In addition, the spell costs money26 FPthrow away and remove16 resistance. Carian Phalanx is a better option than its base version Glintblade Phalanx in terms of damage. In addition to the damage bonus, he also summons two additional blades that help him deal more damage.

Above all, the spell is useful when activated before any combat and helps you outcounterattackwhen enemies get close. You can even ride your horse and the spell will still work.

Adula's Moonblade

Best Elden Ring Souvenir [Top 10 Explained] - VeryAli Gaming (5)

It's a powerful spell that summons a greatsword made of ice and has a nice animation when you use the wizard. Adula's Moonblade has two attack variants that differ in range and cost 26 FP to cast.

You need it32 Intelligenceuse it and deal damage to enemies. One attack is a slash that fires a projectile of horizontal ice that pierces enemies when activated. The other is used for close range combat. You can quickly cast Moonblade and it causes Freeze.

You can switch between projectile damage and melee damage by switching hands while casting the spell. If the Greatsword comes into contact with an enemy, the projectile and blade will deal heavy damage to the enemies. I think it's the best spell in the game for mages.

magical land

Best Elden Ring Souvenir [Top 10 Explained] - VeryAli Gaming (6)

Sorcery boosts all your magic spells, but only works if you stay in its vicious circle. It costs 20 FP to cast and requires 20 Intelligence to use. The spell is a great addition to increasing the damage done by all the spells in your arsenal.

All you need to do before entering any fight is activate Terra Magic and stand inside the circle to deal devastating damage to enemies. The only downside to this spell is that you have to stay within the circle. That way you can be open to any close combat.

Failure to stay within the circle will render Terra Magica's effects useless. But it comes in handy during various battles and bosses that need to be fought from a long distance.

You can cover a certain distance between you and the enemy, cast a spell and combo Comet Azur to unleash a beam of devastating power. Alternatively, you can trade Terra Magic for any other spell you find worthwhile. Still, the magic power boost is a decent bonus with this spell.

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As a mage, you must be careful when enemies engage in close combat. Not having a weapon for defense in these moments can be costly. We're going to go over the best melee weapons that you can use in your wizard crafting to combat enemies that try to attack you at close range.

moon veil

Best Elden Ring Souvenir [Top 10 Explained] - VeryAli Gaming (7)

Moonveil Katana is the perfect choice for Intellect users trying to master the mage build. The katana will allow you to use both of your magic skills along with the sword. It can be obtained early in the game and increases greatly with intelligence and dexterity. Since intelligence is your main characteristic, it will help you immensely.

Katana requires 18 Dexterity, 23 Intelligence and 12 Strength. Might I add that you already have enough intelligence and dexterity to use weapons?

So you won't have any problems using it at the beginning of the game. In addition, the weapon has an extraordinary ability called Transient Moonlight.The skill allows you to draw and fire a sword at your side to unleash a wave of light that bounces off the blade, dealing incredible damage to the enemy.

Also, the type of attack depends on how you perform it, whether it is a normal attack or a strong attack. You will be able to deal significant blows to the enemy.

To get the Moonveil Katana you must go to the Gael Tunnel. When you reach the dungeon, you'll need to defeat the Magma Wyrm boss so that he drops a moonveiled katana and a dragon heart.

It costs 15 FP for a slam attack and 20 FP for a piercing attack.On the other hand, you can cause blood loss with this katana, which may not be relevant in this case.

final thoughts

If not for a mage build, you can also use amysterious construction.Onit is considered one of the most powerful upgrades in the game. The crafting allows you to use Arcane scaled weapons to take full advantage of the limitations on blood loss stacking. It's a unique ability that deals permanent bleed damage to enemies.

Your entire playstyle shifts to being an aggressive player, where you engage in melee and melee combat, destroying enemies in either PvE or PvP. Weapons such as Godskin Thickener, Rivers of Blood, and Mohgwyn's Holy Spear are recommended for Arcane builds.

The memories and build bonus I mentioned in my guide go really well with each other, and if you're one of those players who literally has no idea how to use weapons, spells, classes, and memories that stack up, this guide has you covered! Because you'll have enough knowledge to match any of the nine main Elden Ring memories to every class!

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