D2R 2.5 Merc Team Building Guide (2023)

D2R 2.5 Mercenary Gear Crafting Guide: The Best Word Runes, Armor, Weapons, and Gear for ACT 1/2/3/5 Mercenary in Diablo 2 Resurrected

28/10/2022 18:04:03

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Here we will detail how to build a powerful mercenary and survivor in Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5 Ladder Season 2, then we will talk about the best runewords, armor, helmets and other equipment to use in ACT 1/2/3/5 mercenary.

D2R 2.5 Merc Team Building Guide (3)

D2R 2.5 Mercenary Team Building Guide

As you know, there are four types of mercenaries in Diablo 2 Resurrected: Rogue Archer (ACT 1), Desert Warrior (ACT 2), Iron Wolf (ACT 3) and Barbarian (ACT 5). Generally, only Desert Warrior in ACT 2 and Barbarian in ACT 5 are used the most. While A5 merc is more of a tank than A2 merc, unless of course you choose Holy Freeze/Defiance for A2. They have more health, better FCF and are so fast that they can take free kicks with no problem.

Key stats to look out for for mercenary gear in Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5

The following are the main factors and item attributes to consider for a mercenary team:

1. Elementary resistance

On Nightmare difficulty, if the player equips a desert mercenary with a strong enough weapon, he can survive for a while, but on Inferno difficulty, due to the system's penalty for forced resistance, the mercenary dies easily on Inferno difficulty due to low resistance. In addition, it costs players money and time to revive after death, so improving the durability and survivability of the Desert Warrior is the first thing players should pay attention to.

2. Physical resistance and DR immunity

Physical resistance includes the Desert Merc's physical immunity and defensive value, and will also increase the survival time of a stealthy Desert Merc.

3. Increase attack speed

This is the most important attribute when choosing equipment for a desert mercenary. A desert warrior can greatly increase damage in terms of attack damage and can quickly regenerate blood to restore life. It would be better if CB and OW attributes were added.

4. Life blood

This attribute is the best, because by increasing the attack speed of the desert mercenary, if LL is added, the blood return of the desert mercenary will be faster, and it is not easy to die, so this attribute should be considered in Let's team

5. Rezni blow and open wound

These features are among the most sought after by Inferno players as well as mercenaries. It will deal massive damage to bosses and elites, even in Inferno mode.

6. Defense and dispute

Mercenaries have pretty good base resistance, though it's still a useful feature, focused on defense and physical damage reduction. Items that slow down enemies are a good choice for mercs as they will greatly improve their survivability.

7. Ethereal objects

Items equipped by mercenaries do not lose durability, making them a great way to use these powerful but fleeting items.

8 bonuses for all skills

This has changed from patches to the original game, but currently only the universal all-skill buff will improve the techniques your mercenary uses. Try to stack as many as possible to make them more effective.

9. Aura

Some unique items and very high level runes give an aura that is very nice to get.

D2R 2.5 The best mercenary team

Based on the above important attributes, we have summarized the following equipment that is almost universal for mercenaries in all ACTs:

The best mercenary weapons and runes in Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5

How you choose mercenary gear depends on your class. For example, a cold mage usually picks Doomsday or Death Knell, a fire mage picks Obedience, a light mage picks Infinite, and builds that lack mana often pick Insight, etc. Here are some popular mercenary teams:

  • The Word of the Ice Rune on the Arrow (The Mercenary, Act 1)

  • Faith Runeword em um Longbow (Mercenary Rank 1)

  • Word of Faith Runes on Fork/Spear (Act 2, Mercenaries)

  • Runeword of Doom com Holy Frost Aura (Act 2+5 Mercenary)

  • Hand of Justice Rune with Holy Fire Aura (Rank 2+5 Mercenary)

  • BrambleRuneword with Thorn Aura (Rank 2 + 5 mercenaries)

  • LawbringerRuneword on Crystal Sword (Act 3 Mercenaries)

  • Lawbringer rune on legendary sword (Mercenary Act 5)

  • Insight Runeword on a huge threshing machine

Best mercenary helmets in Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5

  • (1) Face of Andariel: Mainly because it adds 30 strength, 10% LL and 20% IAS increase, all good attributes, the rest are enough to hit the pearl with fire resistance and other attributes used.

  • (2) Guillaume's face: Commonly known as the CB head, it is used specifically for Super 6 bosses and is required for high damage hunting.

  • (3) Crown of Ages: It is useful whether it is 1 hole or 2 holes, preferably two holes, you can insert more runes or beads.

  • (4) Vampire View: There is 8LL, as well as material immunity and legal immunity.

  • (5) Drugi se mogu smatrati Crown of Thieves, Giant Skull, Kira's Guardian, The Face of Horror, itd.

  • (6) If none of these are available, consider a pair of gold helmets, preferably with CB, OW or IAS, LL and RES attributes.

Best mercenary armor in Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5

Nightmare Difficulties: Mist, Caution, Darkness, Stone, Betrayal

Infernal Weight: Toughness, Duriel shell

  • (1) Fortitude - Fortitude is physical armor, mainly due to +300% damage and +200% defense increase. Additionally, the +30 total resistance and increased health with level are also good attributes, so there should be no objection as a first choice for a mercenary.

  • (2) Betrayal: Betrayal is easy to do and has excellent properties for Sagittarius. It is second only to Fortitude armor, and the price is very low. Among them, an IAS of 45, it is impossible to compensate, it is equivalent to hitting 3 pearls, and the level 15 energy dissipation activated is very powerful. When activated, Lancer has more than 60 total resistances and 15% DR, as well as curse duration reduction. This will shorten the duration of the poison's effect, and the damage boost will also be greatly reduced. If you want to kill 6 bosses with mercenaries, you should use treachery instead of bravery.

  • (3) Stone - The good thing about these two armor sets is that they have full resistance, but must have offensive armor with 33% OW and 15% CB, and can easily kill mobs and avoid monsters for high cold resistance. , while stones are defensive armor. , find a high defense value of the substrate can easily make a stone defense 4000, the monster is difficult to access.

  • (4) Smoke, Prudence, and Melancholy: These three types of armor belong to the higher power armor, which is more suitable for a mercenary of Nightmare difficulty, since the mercenary's resistance in this difficulty is not enough and must be compensated by armor. It is not recommended to use stones on this difficulty, as adding them will not increase the resistance of the mercenary to 75.

Better gear and runewords for each Merc rank in Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5 Patch

Since each mercenary has different strengths and weaknesses, we also have some suggestions for individual mercenaries:

ACT 1 Improved Merc gear and runewords

Damage area increased for Rogues from Act 1. Rogues with Cold Arrows can now use the Freezing Arrow ability, while Rogues with Fire Arrows can use Explosive Arrow. The new keywords introduced in patch 2.4 offer tons of new options for turning bandits into mercenaries of choice.Here are the best equipment words and runes for ACT 1 Mercenary:

  • Runeword Insight - Act1 Rogues will now have access to this weapon due to update 2.4, which is known as the best mercenary weapon for beginners and also a solid late game option.

  • Faith Runeword: This will definitely be the best choice for your fanatical aura if it adds attack speed to maximize your build damage. Reminder: Faith is a rune exclusive to the Ladder and can only be obtained by trading outside the Ladder!

  • Runeword of the Mists – When you want to deal more physical damage, this ladder-only runeword bow is the perfect choice as it can only be used with crossbows and bows, and gives your ACT 1 mercenary a level 8 Focus Aura –12 that increases physical damage. by almost 200% and significantly improves survivability.

  • Word of Harmony Rune – An exciting choice as it offers a level 10 power aura that increases walk/run speed by 36%. It can speed up farming and mobility in general. Note that the Harmony rune is a Ladder-exclusive word that can only be obtained by trading without a Ladder!

  • More Tips: Act 1 with Insight early is good for mana, with Harmony later is good for Pre-Enigma Terror Zone development on non-wizard characters.

ACT 2 Merc best gear and rune words

In Diablo 2 Resurrected Season 2, Act 2 remains one of the most popular mercenaries as all six auras provided by desert mercenaries are now available on Nightmare and Hell difficulties. If you're looking for a high-damage mercenary, there are a number of weapon and equipment options available to you:

  • Ethereal Reaper's Toll - A ladder-only item has a 33% chance to cast Level 1 Decrepify on hit, 210–240% increased damage, 33% deathblow, and 11–15% lifesteal, making it the best mercenary weapon in Act 2. When in boss fights, your character can gain a lot by using Decrepify, which has a -50% effect on the target's speed, damage and physical resistance.

  • Infinite (ladder only): Runeword grants a level 12 aura of conviction that has a radius of 13.3 yards and reduces enemy resistance by 85%. It is a must for builds that deal lightning damage as it can disable most lightning monsters and has -45% to -55% lightning resistance.

  • Insight (ladder only): The runeword grants a meditative aura up to level 17, completely addressing any mana recovery issues common to many caster builds. It also has a high attack rate and deals a lot of damage.

  • Doom – Runeword has a level 12 Holy Freeze aura that slows nearby enemies by 50%. With 45% IAS, up to 370% ED, 20% lethal strike and 25% chance to open wounds, the Merc's ultimate crowd control weapon is also fantastic for offense. It also inhibits monster healing, freezes targets for three seconds on contact, and reduces enemy cold resistance by 40-60%.

  • Ethereal Bonehew / Obedience / Breath of the Dying – Great early to mid game budget options.

  • Ethereal Tomb Raider – With +30-50% to all resistances, 60% base attack speed, and 3 slots, Ethereal Tomb Raider is also a good choice for ACT 2 Merc.

  • Phoenix on Eth Thresher or Giant Thresher: He doesn't have it. Your mercenary will be constantly healed by the weapon's aura of redemption, making him nearly immortal if his build is capable of leaving many corpses in his wake.

ACT 3 Merc best gear and rune words

Mercenary ACT 3 has the highest resistance thanks to a 40% increase in base defense and a 20% increase in base and scaling resistance. Although the 25% increase in base health has significantly increased his durability, he is still relatively easy to die.

  • Spirit: Spirit is cheap, speeds up launched mercenaries and increases all your abilities by +2. It's a good choice and fits all 3

  • Delirium Runeword: For ACT 3 mercs who have trouble farming cows while their merc is dying, use Confuse. Confuse causes all the cows to attack each other. You can literally send your merc naked and he only dies once every 8 runs. Better yet, put the word delirium rune on your mercenary to cause constant confusion, or get a ring of confusion. Also no vital leech required. It also evokes a bit of horror and astonishment.

  • Lawbringer – Although this option does not create the decrepit aura it is often used for. It will grant a level 13-16 shrine aura. It will deal pulse damage and knock down undead enemies. More importantly, it will completely remove all physical resistances of that type of enemy. This will allow you to effortlessly beat them to death with physical damage. Likewise, the dormant ability of dead monsters only activates if you kill them with your sword. So this is a good way to get this aura if you still want corpses.

  • Azurewrath - You'll probably need 20-25 dexterity at level 80 to equip this. But it gives Lawbringer a shrine aura and +1 to skills. Expensive, but another worthwhile option if you have it.

  • Robes of Ormus - Rank 3 Enchanted, Dual Spirit, Flickering Flame Merc Ormus Robes is especially good in his Kicksin for extra fire damage and res when you Uber.

  • ormus dresses

    D2R 2.5 Merc Team Building Guide (4)Defense: 371-487 (varies) (Base Defense: 361-467)
    Required level: 75
    Power required: 77
    Durability: 20
    +10-20 defense (varies)
    +20% higher casting speed
    +10-15% cold damage (varies)
    +10-15% to fire skill damage (varies)
    +10-15% to lightning skill damage (varies)
    +3 bonus to one random sorceress ability (only sorceress)*
    Mana regenerated 10-15% (varies)
    (Appears only in patch 1.10 or later)

  • Nightwings – Gives +2 abilities and extra cold damage. However, he can also be a good choice for the other 2 mercs just because of his high defense and +2 skills.

  • Storm Shield: Offers 35% physical damage reduction and good resistance with a healthy defensive stat and is a good addition if you want to keep them alive.

ACT 5 Best mercenary equipment and runes of words

Of all the mercenaries, the Act 5 Barb Mercenary is a great tank and has by far the best survivability. Their unique dual-wielding ability is very useful in Hardcore as it allows them to wield two swords that grant auras to increase their character's damage or survivability. The new frenzied mercenary from act 5 is very useful for speeding up farming and clearing hell monsters, farm areas, but the Taunt skill is a death wish for Ubers.

  • Last Wish/Plague: Put Last Wish specifically in the main hand, so if you hit him with this and he takes the devastating hit he always will, it will take a large chunk of the health of any boss, regardless of difficulty. Combined with the Plague Runeword, it's a perfect match for Hardcore. The only item in D2R that gives your character and mercenary a purifying aura and reduces the duration of curse and poison damage by at least 75% is plague.

  • Grief/Lawbringer – This is the best combo for the new Frenzy Barb. Pain itself is extremely merciful, but Lawbringer is necessary for the Decrepify process.

  • Plague/Lawbringer – An act 5 merc with Plague and Lawbringer is great for a Chaos run on Fohdin or really any character. You can run a version of this to also run an Uber with a wizard to help keep Mephisto's minions at bay and slow you down.

  • Guillaume's Face - Get Guillaume's face so we can't be frozen, then activate Grief so we have a chance to break the hit again.

  • Aura of Refuge: Allows the mercenary to roll undead, but it doesn't matter to FoHdins (unless Holy Bolt follows the path of Blessed Hammer to not affect Magic Immunes).

  • Bramble - We can even have fun throwing Bramble at him, because every time our summon and stuff gets hit, the boss will bounce off that damage.

D2R 2.5 Merc Team Building Guide (5)

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