Elden Ring Co-op Multiplayer Guide: How to play with friends (2023)

Casa Gambling Elden Ring Co-op Multiplayer Guide: How to play with friends

Elden Ring Co-op Multiplayer Guide: How to play with friends (1)

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One of the fun features of Elden Ring is cooperative multiplayer gameplay with friends. It makes traveling between countries a fun experience, allowing players to help each other conquer enemies. However, multiplayer in Elden Ring works differently than other online titles, requiring players to follow specific steps. Unfortunately, these steps can confuse a newcomer to the game who wants to cooperate with his friends. The goal of this article is to simplify the process by covering the steps for a multiplayer co-op game in Elden Ring.


How does multiplayer co-op work in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring's co-op multiplayer follows the basics of every other co-op multiplayer title currently available. What sets it apart from other games is the way it works. Since the days of Dark Souls, collaboration in FromSoftware games has always been tied to the story of that particular game.

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Enabling cooperation in the area requires the playercommunicate with the martyr's mark. Doing so activates the multiplayer function, allowing you to invite other players or friends. Yes, one of the unique features of Elden Ring is playabilityCooperate with everyone playing the game.

By using some items and following some steps, players have to make themselves visible and can invite others in their game. Everyone can work together to win boss fights.

Prerequisites for co-op multiplayer in Elden Ring

In order to play cooperatively, players must complete and follow certain steps in the Elden Ring before inviting other players and their friends.

Make sure that the martyr's figure

Martyr effigies are statues that are usually found near the Place of Mercy in various areas. these statuesallow players to enable multiple players in a specific zoneand even at the beginning of the revealed dungeon. Once activated, players can drop a cooperative or competitive signal and other players can interact with it to start a multiplayer game. It also helps players looking for multiplayer to be invited to a statue-enabled world.

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Using medicine for curling fingers

Once the Martyr figure is activated, use the Elemental Winding Fingers cure. furlcalling finger medicineallows players to detect all gold or red signalsplayers drop in an area, allowing them to invite a person to cooperate (via a gold signal) or play PvP matches (via a red signal).

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It's easy to find a cure for toenail fungus. Players must collect Erdleaf flowers that bloom across the map. After collecting, players must visit their craft and craft the item and number they need. Note that Furlcalling Finger Remedy is used for every co-op encounter. So if a player dies during co-op, use another Furlcalling Finger Remedy after respawning so the signs can reveal themselves.

A smudged curled finger and a small golden figure

Tarnished's Rolled Finger is a co-op item used in the Elden Ring for playersplay side by side. Without it, a player cannot enter another player's world to play online. Players will find this in the Stranded Graveyard. After waking up in this area. Exit the room through the first large door. At the end of the corridor, interact with the corpse and receive the item.

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A small golden figure is another item that players can pick up for co-op play. This item sends a call signal to the caller in the area. However, using this requires the player to activate the Martyr's Marker. Players can find this item east of the First Step Place of Grace, near the first Martyr Marker, or at any statue that summons a Martyr Marker.

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Although these elements function similarly, the application for them is quite different. Tarnished's bent finger will allow players to invite their friends to a specific location. This requires both players to be in an exact location in an area. A small gold tag allows players to send out a call signal near the martyr tag and is used if one of the players has not fully discovered the area.

How to invite friends or receive an invitation to cooperate in Elden Ring

Once everything is collected, players can invite their friends via the following method.

  • First, open the multiplayer option from the pause menu. Make sure cross-region play is turned on in Online in Settings if your friend lives in a different region.
  • Enter the multiplayer option from the pause menu. Once here, press Y on the Xbox controller, Triangle on the PlayStation controller, right-click and select the Y option to enter the password menu.
  • In the password menu, set a password for the multiplayer session. Remember that both players need the same password to invite each other to co-op.

After the player follows the above step, there are two ways for the player to invite his friends to cooperate.

If both players have discovered the entire area

  • Go to a specific location on the map in the area and ask your friend to go to that location. Make sure the Martyr's Marker is activated in the area.
  • Play the signal using Tarnished's bent finger. In this way, another player will be able to discover the fallen character using the same password online.
  • Another player uses Furlcalling Finger Remedy to make the signal visible.
  • Another player interacts with the signal, which will teleport them to the co-op.
  • Both players can now explore the area until one of the players dies and the boss fight is over.

If one of the players has not revealed the entire area

  • First, activate the Martyr's Marker at the beginning of the area. Doing so opens up a summoning pool all over that place.
  • Once you've done that, use the small gold image to drop a call signal near the image statue.
  • The other player must activate their Effigy of the Martyr and use Furlcalling Finger Remedy to make the signs visible.
  • Another player interacts with the correct callsign and teleports to cooperate.
  • Players can now explore and engage in boss battles together until the area boss is taken down or one of the two players is killed.

Following the steps above should allow players to experience co-op in Elden Ring. While you're here, we encourage you to check out the bestKlase Elden Ringthat's himthe best weapon in the Elden Ringalso.

How to cooperate with random players in Elden Ring

If players want to help random travelers in the game in their darkest moments, they should follow the steps below

  • Make sure the game doesn't have a multiplayer password set. If so, remove it by accessing the multiplayer menu.
  • After doing this, activate the image of the martyr statue in the map area or at the beginning of the dungeon.
  • Use the small gold marker to cast a call signal near the martyr marker statue and wait next to it.
  • If a player uses Furlcalling Finger Remedy and interacts with your character, it will take you to their world to play cooperatively.

Common questions

How many players can cooperate at the same time?

Like previous FromSoftware titles, Elden Ring allows players, called hosts, to invite another player or their friends to help them on their journey. At the same time, three players can join the game and participate in cooperative mode. Activities range from engaging in PvP against other players, facing bosses, and clearing entire areas.

Is it cross co-op multiplayer?

Not. Multiplayer and co-op in Elden Ring are completely system specific. So all players who want to cooperate with each other must be on the same system, not on separate systems. Therefore, PC players cannot cooperate with consoles and vice versa.

How long have I been working at Elden Ring?

The game's co-op mode lasts until the players explore a certain area together, until they defeat the boss of the area, or until one of the two players is killed. The moment the player leaves the boundaries of the area or is killed, the game ends in co-op mode.

Can I use mounts during collaboration?

Not. When playing multiplayer with another player, the game does not allow the use of mounts until one of the players goes to their own world and the co-op session ends.

Does the guest player's progression continue in collaboration?

Progress is not transferred to the visiting player during co-op play. Therefore, if a player helps their friend defeat a boss, but has not killed the same boss in their own game, they will not advance their save file. When the multiplayer game ends, they will have to kill the boss in their world.

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