Elden Ring Hyetta Questline: The Best Guide (2023)

One of the few characters you'll find in Elden Ring that has a side quest isHyetta light fighter. After eating a Shabriri grape, Hyetta, an unusual blind woman, wanders Middle-earth, following the traces of the inner light. How do you deal with this"distant light”, she wants to become a Finger Maiden. Although none of the Elden Ring endings are triggered upon completionHyetta Research Line, you need a certain completion to complete the last stage of this quest to get the weapon rewards.

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  • A blind woman named Lightseeker Hyetta travels through Middle-earth, consumedshabriri grapes,and follow the "high beam" sign.
  • Hyetta's quest chain begins in Stormyweeping peninsulaand ends deep underground, where the darkest secrets of the Mediterranean are kept.
  • Before starting the search for Hyetta,Irina's quest lineon the weeping peninsula must be completed.
  • Then go to the Lake Facing Cliffs where you need to findgodrick graftedand conquer Stormveil Castle to find Hyetta.
  • Head to the petrified church ruins to find a Shabriri grape and give it to Hyetta to advance Hyetta's questline.
  • He then kills Edger, Irina's fatherrevenge hut, Take the third Shabriri grape and give it to Hyetta on the Gate Down bridge.
  • You can find the last Shabriri Grape after the killFingerprint Fortress Vyka, then go to Bellum Church to find Hyetta.
  • To complete this quest, go toReasons for refusale remover Platforming.

As you progress through your quest, you can find Hyetta in various places. Your journey begins on the stormy Weeping Peninsula and ends underground, where the darkest secrets of the Midlands are kept.

meet Irina

Elden Ring Hyetta Questline: The Best Guide (1)

Irina's Weeping Peninsula quest line must be started before starting the search for Hyetta. After crossing the well-guarded bridge, head south and you'll see Lady Irina standing on the main road. Talk to her and get her letter. Irina wants you to take a letter to her father, Edgar, explaining that his castle,Castillo Morne, the servants who turned into beasts attacked.

After that, you can choose to send the letter to Morne Castle or skip the quest entirely and travel back.North of Limgrave, where you can attack the fortress and defeat Godrick. You must deliver Irina's letter to Edgar, then defeat the Castle Morne boss and talk to Edgar once more to find Hyetta. Irina will be found dead when Edgar arrives at her house.

You can still receive Irina's letter if you are trying to winlord of bloodHyetta's favor by killing her, but if Hyetta's quest hasn't started yet when you kill Irina, you'll inevitably fail.

cliffs by the lake

Elden Ring Hyetta Questline: The Best Guide (2)

It is easy to conclude that Hyetta and Irina are the same person because they are both blind, only appear when Irina dies and share a similar appearance and voice.irina seems to be deadhowever, as his dead body will not disappear, this is not always the case.

While Hyetta's Elden Ring quest line also includes a mysterious Outer God calledraging flame, whose will is carried out by an entity known asthree fingers, which is belowRoyal capital of Leyndell, this could be an example of "living in death

  • The Tainted must first conquergodrick graftedand I cleandvorac stormshroudbefore they can find Hyetta.
  • After that, you must go down to the lower rooms, past Godrick's throne.
  • At the end, you will meet a lonely ghost who wants to share his grapes with an unknown woman.
  • get aUva Shabri, talk to him. Each of the four Shabriri grapes is required to complete the quest.

Take these grapes outdoors to Lugar da Graça, where you can rest on the cliffs overlooking the lake. Hyetta should be standing on the cliff as soon as you sleep. When you talk to her, she will ask you to offer her a Shabriri Grape. At the end of the conversation, give him the Shabrira Grape. As a reward you will receive "whatever you wantemoticon. Hyetta will follow suit and head to the next destination after you leave the region.

petrified church ruins

Hyetta will move to the ruins of the Petrified Church inthe side closest to the beach, in the extreme south. At the bottom of the stairs, she will lean against the stone foundation and look out into the marsh.

You need to explore the area of ​​ruins on the northeast side that is being watched by several guards and dogs before you can talk to her. In this part of the ruin there is a wooden floor that can be demolished. you can findtalisman with two fingersand another Shabriri Grape in the basement below doing so, which will also reveal a hidden entrance.

Bring your second grape to Shabriri Hyetta, who will be incredibly grateful for your help. Exhaust your conversation, but avoid going on. The third cluster must be located.

kill Edgar

Elden Ring Hyetta Questline: The Best Guide (3)

You mustthe murder of Irina's father, Edgar,to get yoursthe third and final Shabriri grape. While it's possible to kill Edgar before you see his spawn point at the Revenger's Shack in West Liurnia, choosing that route puts you at risk of several problems that hinder the quest. The third Shabriri Grape doesn't drop with Edgar when killed early, which is the most common problem.

you have to finishCastillo Morne, including everything after Edgar discovers Irina's dead body and all of their dialogue, to resolve this issue. Herevenge hutit's situated inwest of lyurniawhere should you go. Edgar will attack you here. You have to fight him and take his weapon to get this third Shabriri Gape.

down gate bridge

Elden Ring Hyetta Questline: The Best Guide (4)

To get to Hyetta, who is waiting for you near the Gate Town Site of Grace, take the Shabriri Grape. It should be north of the rock. Tell her your goal and be honest with her. let him know thatAre Shabriri grapes really human eyes?.

After she leaves, you can hear her throwing up and see how disgusting she is. Afterwards, you must return to the Gate Town Grace Site, take a short break, and return to Hyetta to finish your lecture. He will admit that he thinks he willfinger of the virgin. Hyetta will then proceed to the next stage of her quest.

Vyke fingerprint grapes

  • The last grape in the Hyetta quest line is very important in the Elden Ring.
  • You need someone whose eyes have been affectedraging flame.
  • You must locate and eliminate an intruder called the Puss Fingerprint Vyke in order to obtain this grape.
  • it's situated inNorth-eastern district of Liurnije, in the Church of Inhibition. AND
  • you can haveVyke fingerprint grapes, a cure for Furlcalling Finger and his unique weapon, Vyke's War Spear, after defeating him.

You have to be careful when fighting Vyke because he has the ability to induce insanity. The winning tactic here is to play aggressively to prevent him from having time to attack. To make your fight as quick and painless as possible, you'll need to stay close to him and skillfully dodge his spear attacks as he has a vial of healing.

Igreja de Bellum

In the Elden Ring, head to Bellum Church after picking up the last Festering Fingerprint Vyke Grape to complete the Hyetta questline.Hyetta is waiting for you inside, near the pillar.. You will have to fight the night cavalry to get to Hyetta if you visit Belum Church at night for the first time.

  • You can offer her the Fingerprint Grape you just got from Festering Fingerprint Vyke when she asks for it as soon as you get to her.
  • She will answer with pleasure, intoxicated with the taste of delicate "grapes",
  • She will then ask you to follow her on her journey to become one.clean virgin's fingerand making up the words of people crying in their thoughts.
  • She will go to her fourth and final place as soon as you leave.

this will bepoint of inflection. You should stop here if you don't want a forced ending.

Secret under Leyndell

Elden Ring Hyetta Questline: The Best Guide (5)

You have to enter an intricate sewerReasons for refusalto complete the Hyetta quest line path. You don't have to worry about getting banned from the questline like many others, as you can do it before or after quests.A mortal sin.

It's hard to do research down here, and you have toFace Mohg Omen.He is not hard to beat and is simply a scaled down version of Mohg, Lord of Blood. After winning the battle, you'll find a chest near the altar, but it hides a much darker mystery.

  • To reveal the hidden passage after unlocking the chest, hit the altar behind it.
  • By entering this corridor you can access the widest part of the Forsaken Cathedral.
  • Bodies of ex-traders hitraging flamethey are down here.
  • Note that one or two will attack you, but you can ignore the ones playing or watching from the sidelines as they are not aggressive and will not try to hurt you.

Get to know each otherPlatforms, Elden Ring's most challenging boss, explore the passages. On your way down, you must successfully perform a series of challenging jumps between stone platforms. It is not recommended to tackle this section if you are stuck on your runes, as it may take several tries to get off.

You can usewaterfowl dance(Hand Malenia) ofAngel wingsto skip various parts of this puzzle platformer if you are good with weapon skills (Winged Scythe).

Meet Hyetta

When you crouch, Hyetta will be nearby. She will order you to take off all your clothes and enter the room behind her. Follow Hyetta's advice. You can interact with the door without removing your weapon or armor.three fingersthey will be waiting for you inside.

  • You can go back and talk to Hyetta after she burns you in the next scene.
  • She will beg you to give her the blessing of the Flame. Hyetta will be able to understand the messages of the Three Fingers if she does so before she is immediately burned alive.
  • you will get aSeal of Raging Flamegfive raging flaming stonesas payment for killing Hyetta, ending her quest line.
  • After that, if you decide to come back here, you'll find that Hyetta is gone, replaced by a pile of burning ashes.

Important:You will be forced to complete the game to this end if you choose this path. usingmiquellina iglato manage the condition Three Fingers leaves you, you can only access other ends.

raging flame end

Elden Ring Hyetta Questline: The Best Guide (6)

After completing the Hyetta questline, you can continue to complete the Elden Ring. after talking withmelinaand by eliminating the last two bosses, you will know the result of your decision to embark on this quest.

Melina will leave you if you sit in the Place of Mercy after completing the Hyetta quest because she thinks you are no longer suitable for the role she envisioned for you. They will also beg you not to inherit the llama when you visitFrenzyflame Outlaw Grace Site.

  • If you complete this quest, you will no longer be able to make mistakesCardinal Sin com Melina.
  • After that you have to keep playing to complete the game. At that point you will have only one option.
  • you will see a scene where you take the rolelord of chaosgdestroy the erdtree, The Lands Between and everything related to them.
  • Melina will also make a promise to perform her standard kill in a separate scene.

No contact with Melina before, after or during the final scene if you have already committed the cardinal sin before completing Hyetta's mission.

Cancel the Hyetta questline

There is a way to reverse the frenzied flames ending and get rid of the forced ending if you want to complete Hyetta's quest in the Elden Ring, but you don't want the frenzied flames ending, or you've already done it without thinking about the consequences. To do so, however, you'll need to tackle some of the toughest obstacles The Lands Between has to offer, a huge and complicated undertaking. To do that, you have tocomplete Millicent's questline in its entirety and get to the point where it isImproved Miquella's needleoffers.

Unraveling Hyetta's quest line will no doubt take several hours. Players generally advise that you leave the Hyetta quest line before completing them, or start them immediately after finishing Millicent's mission and taking the tower. However, your journey does not end here.

In addition, you must continue withdecaying blue farum, locateDragon Lord Placidusaxin your time lost arena and destroy it. After that, you can only use the pin when you are in this arena. While you can try to use the needle while approaching the arena, we don't recommend juggling the needle and avoiding Placidusax at the same time.

If he returns, he will find that the three-finger shrine is empty, the tower destroyed, and he no longer owns it. As a result, you will no longer be able to cast Frenzy Flame on yourself.


The maiden described in the White Mask Varré quest line is Hyetta. It's not necessary to kill the girl, but you can cover the Bloodlord's affection with blood. This concludes the ultimate guide on how to complete the Hyetta Questline.

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