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Character building is a big part of any RPG. This includes careful consideration of statistics that change the overall character,armasand armor to pave the way for the game the player wants to follow. FromSoftware's Elden Ring follows a similar strategy with new features that allow players to search for their ideal character build and play. Elden Ring has raised the bar for gamers of all kinds with extensive features and a vast open world of possibilities. That's why many players are lookingbuild. This also includesElden Ring Lightning Constructionto increase powerFaithstats and others that achieve an exclusive move.

Lightning is one of the most powerful additions to the Elden Ring that uses faith in your character. You may already be aware of the fact that the more value you add to an attribute stat, the more performance you can get from a character. In this case, we could also follow the same strategy to achieve maximum character building potential by investing in faith andAbility. With that, let's see how you can continue to play forElden Ring Lightning Construction.

main topics

  • Our lightning build is based on getting close to enemies and casting spells to deal heavy damage.
  • Unlike most builds, this Lightning character is a hybrid of dexterity and faith that will give us access to a very good arsenal to achieve the best damage.
  • For starters, you can choose a Vagabond or Prophet class, and from there you can start changing your character's attribute values. Since it's a Dex-faith hybrid build, you might want to invest a few points in these two stats along with stamina to avoid being overloaded.
  • At level 165 your stats should include Dexterity of 30 and Faith of 80. With this you can maximize your lightning damage by scaling battles and looking for a mastered character build.
  • Starting with armor, we recommend mixing and matching different kits to provide the best balance and ease. Getting hit without being able to dodge the paper is the last thing you want to experience in the Elden Ring. For example, light armor is very important to maximize a character's performance.
  • As for weapons, the Keen no Uchigatana scale is the perfect choice. In the meantime, it will also give you access to Bloodhound's Ash of War pass.
  • In addition, players can also go after the Dragonscale Blade to gain the dexterity scale and ice lightning sword ability on the weapon.
  • As for talismans, our Lightning build uses Faithful's Cloth Talisman, Godfrey's Icon, and the Lightning Scorpion Charm.
  • In addition, spells such as Lightning Spear of Forissaxx, Flame Grant Me Strength, and Ancient Dragon's Lightning Strike trigger the build.

Elden Ring Lightning Build

Lightning's build in Elden Ring will focus on faith and the power of using the character's unique abilities,armasand spells. Additionally, this character will also rely on Vigor. You can start early and add value or expand your arsenal as you go.progressmore in the game. You don't have to start with something harder to master early in the game. The idea for this build was initiated by Moxsy.

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However, the ideal practice is to maintain a steady pace. This guide will discuss everything from early to level 165, with mid game to late game elements for a flash style game. With that said, let's take a look at the character's final stats.

Elden Ring lightning build statistics

First, you'll need to patch the class that Lightning will continue to compile. You must choose to continue as aBumor the Prophet. Since we will put the main focus on faith, let's start withthe prophetic classdeal massive lightning and magic damage. Here are the stats for the level 165 final character that you should also consider in order to maximize the performance of your Elden Ring Lightning build.

  • Strength: 40
  • Intelligence: 35
  • Endurance: 25
  • Strength: 16
  • Dexterity: 30
  • Intelligence: 9
  • Fe: 80
  • Arkanum: 9

If you're confused about what your starting game stats should look like, this is how you'll put the values ​​after starting with the Vagabond or Confessor class.

  • Strength: 15
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Endurance: 11
  • Strength: 14
  • Dexterity: 13
  • Intelligence: 9
  • Faith: 9
  • Arkanum: 7

As you build this character in the Elden Ring game, several aspects come into play. First, you might want to allocate more stamina to avoid being overwhelmed and easily avoid incoming enemy attacks.the strongest bosses in Elden Ring.On the other hand, you also need immunities to stay on the critical line of survival in the dangerous terrains of the Elden Ring. This lightning build exposes your character to a lot of threats, so focus on those stats now. Let's move on to each value contribution to your character.

At level 165, your character's stamina should reach 40 to increase the character's performance for HP and immunity. Remember that the world of Elden Ring is dark and survival is key. If you follow a purely objectivefaith building, you might want immunity and HP to protect you from attacks that will kill your character. On the contrary, 35 Mind will contribute a significant part of the casting ability. To cast magic andspellsrequires FP or focus points, you won't always have a rod ready for the next throw. Considering the threats and enemies you face in the game; your character may be exposed to danger that will take you several rolls to survive.

In this case, the mental stat will increase FP with each character level and attribute score for mind. You can easily cast multiple quick cooldown spells in FP. Next is a Stamina of 25, which will help load the character's gear. Your character relies on stamina and armor to carry the maximum load into battle. So it's crucial to increase stamina from 11 to 25 to balance your character's carrying capacity.

Fortalezais another significant characteristic of your character. All other characters invest heavily in the Force due to the myriad of weapons they require and scale with stats. Meanwhile, the Elden Ring Lightning build will no longer grant a Strength value.

The main reason for this is that Lightning is a faith-centric build. However, someweapons require strengthand heavy weapons. But you don't necessarily need to invest a lot if you're looking for a unique weapon to build Lightning in Elden Ring. A Strength value of 16 will be enough at level 165 to increase the building's attack power and weapons.

Meanwhile, Dexterity will be the second most important stat after building Faith for Lightning. Just because you're going for lightning and spells doesn't mean you're going to do optimal damage to a character. On the other hand, casting spells also takes time. Dexterity is useful for increasing throw speed, which deals more damage to enemies. You may also need some dexterity to get heavy weapons to build.

We have Intelligence at 9, which might seem like a trade-off. 9 Intelligence is more appropriate as we will be maxing enchantment speed and damage from the main Faith and Dexterity stats. Also, the low value is great for getting your character's magic resistances. You can invest more value in intelligence if you plan to level up after building 165 levels.

Next is a faith value of 80, which is the highest any Lightning build can reach in Elden Ring. Faith covers most enchantments and magic spells, while each value increases the damage output of magic attacks.

Finally, you haveMysteriously, all about the skill of detecting objects and some enchantments and spells. You don't need to put anything more than a nine in Arcanum, as the build has already hit that side with faith and skill.

Armor for Lightning Build

Enlightenment builds armor next, as you'll also need defensive items to protect the character's bare skin. Dozens of available armor sets and possible combinations can easily overwhelm beginners and veterans alike. To make the most effective choice, you'll need to narrow down the optimal buildings to faith-focused buildings.

You may already know that armor is not a separate item in the game. Armors consist of 3-4 items that you will need to acquire to form a general set of specific armors. For example, if you're going for the Starscourge Radahn armor set, you'll need to get all four items helmet, breastplate, gauntlets, and shells to get full defensive stats.

Elden Ring Lightning Build: Weapons, Talismans & More - VeryAli Gaming (2)

Meanwhile, Elden Ring also allows players to mix and match different outfits using their creativity to create unique outfits. That's exactly what we're looking for in the Lightning version.

In that case, you go for the Confessor+Maliketh set. The combination of the Confessor Hood and Maliketh Chest Armor, Greaves and Gauntlets will give you the awesome look of an Elden Lord that fires powerful beams to finish off enemies. The Confessor Hood is a great addition to the assassin and caster look, while the Maliketh is the garb of a medieval king.

Since this is a Faith-Dexterity build, players might want good armor with excellent balance and medium weight to easily dodge opponent's hits. In this case, the Meliketh set best suits our needs and offers the best stat distribution for the character. However, as for beginners, they might consider mixing and matching different sets from our extensive listElden Ring armor from the early gameoThe best armor of faith in the Elden Ring.

As for statistics,ConfessorHood will only deal 2.8 negative physical and 3.8 magic damage. It is combined with an ensemble for fashionistas. Meanwhile, the black metal finish on the Meliketh Set is perfect for defensive needs with 29.3 Physical Damage Negation and 23.6 Magic.

On the other hand, acquiring the Maliketh Set will not be an easy task. Includes a powerful boss fight with Maliketh that is part of the story. After defeat, you will need to purchase Enia's set from Roundtable Holds for 45,000 runes. Indeed, this is a significant investment on your part. But if you want to move forward with the most satisfying Lightning build in Elden Ring, that investment of time and runes is well worth it.

Players low on runes can consider different farming strategies to earn runes as they progress through the real-time building story. There are numerousbossesand places where you can farm Runes and possibly trade thempeoplebuy Maliketh set. Here are some of oursElden Ring fleece breedingstrategies to help keep the Runes from getting a group.

On the other hand, obtaining the Confessor Hood is available for purchase from the Nomadic Merchant in Mt. Gelmir. This merchant will exchange 1000 runes for Confessor Hood. Once you have a complete set, you're ready to build Lightning.

However, this was the last set of armor for his Lightning build. For the early game, we suggest aiming for the best balance and light armor. We're looking for armor with at least 50 balance to withstand an opponent's blow. As stated above, the ideal practice is to mix and match different parts to create the perfect armor for your build.

Lionel's set, apart from its bulky appearance, makes up for it with a good balance of 86 and a weight of 50.5. Additionally, mixing veteran items with some early game armor will also provide unique and rewarding stats for our Lightning build in Elden Ring.

Armas za Lightning Build

Like armor, not many weapons are uniquely crafted. However, you can still use some of the game's included powerful weapons to maximize the performance of your Lightning character build. Although, you might want to use magic only as your character's main weapon. But this compilation focuses on both.crowdand magical weapons. We will also be adding talismans, which will help improve the damage output of melee and magic weapons.

The first main melee weapon to add to your arsenal is the Uchigatana. Uchigatana is awesomeKatanawho climbs with Strength and Dexterity. However, this is not the main aspect of the weapon that you should be looking for.

We use Uchigatana because it contributes to the Ash of War to give our character unique affinities.

Elden Ring Lightning Build: Weapons, Talismans & More - VeryAli Gaming (3)

Uchigatan will allow players to add one of the best Ash of War known as "Bloodhound's Step". It's an essential addition to your arsenal to help you get out of a fierce battle. Unlike Vyke's Dragonbolt, which is now patched and can't be applied to already upgraded weapons, Bloodhound Step saves the day by decently dealing with incoming enemy attacks. The key is to avoid as many attacks as possible while dealing maximum damage to your enemies.

To give this build some choice, we think the dragonscale blade is an important weapon to add. Firstly, it is a katana that increases dexterity with maximum damage, and secondly, it takes care of our character's stats. The icing on the cake is that you can charge up your Ice Lightning Sword Skill, crush the enemy with a final thunderbolt and shoot lightning from the sky, dealing lightning and a freezing effect. This may seem unrealistic, but once you implement them on your character, you can experience the massive damage they do to the build.

The Vulgar Militia Hotel is also a valuable addition to dexterity weapon scaling. Equipping the Lightning upgrade will allow players to make significant use of lightning damage and nullify enemy shields.

You will need to cast spells and increase lightning damage. Let's look at some of these elements one by one.

Talismans for Lightning Build

Talismans are another key aspect of the Elden Ring that will play a large role in paving the way for advancement. As for the Lightning build, you'll need to add stats, increased lightning damage, and damage resistance to your build. This is only achieved by filling the talisman slots with those worthy of successful construction in the Elden Ring. This brings us to the first talisman accessory for your character.

Faithfulov platneni amulet

To doFaithfulov platneni amulet
It was madeIncreases spell power by 4%

Faithful's cloth talisman is a great starter for your character. As stated above, your character will not rely on melee or physical damage to progress. Lighting Build requires more power for spells to deal massive lighting damage and burn everything in sight. Faithful's Canvas will carry the power of the spells used to build Lightning.

Elden Ring Lightning Build: Weapons, Talismans & More - VeryAli Gaming (4)

Most players never think about adding this talisman and continue with general weapon builds. However, the only approach to removing the damage stat from the chart is to add different talismans that perfectly match the character's build and the aforementioned attributes. The key is to add more damage output to become a level 165 warlord.

godfrey icon

To dogodfrey icon
It was madeIncreases the attack power of charged spells and abilities by 15%.

Godfrey Icon is another prominent source of damage for the Elden Ring Lightning build. This talisman will increase the power of charged spells and skill attacks, destroying enemies on the battlefield.

Elden Ring Lightning Build: Weapons, Talismans & More - VeryAli Gaming (5)

A legendary Godfrey warrior held Godfrey's icon. He continued to fight the Talisman, now offering up taints to shake Lightning's construct. It's worth noting that not all spells in Elden Ring are available to load. But if you use the crafting specifics available for a fee, then the Godfrey Icon is the perfect gateway to talismans.

Lightning Scorpion Amulet

To doLightning Scorpion Amulet
It was madeIncreases lightning damage by 12%, but increases physical damage taken by 10%.

Another best talisman for making Lightning will be the Lightning Scorpion Charm. As the name implies, it will improve the intensity of your character's lightning attacks. unfortunately, thatcolossalThe attack bonus comes at the heavy cost of Damage Negation.

Elden Ring Lightning Build: Weapons, Talismans & More - VeryAli Gaming (6)

This means using the scorpion lightning spell; your character will be exposed to potential hits that can deplete HP quickly. This talisman will reduce most of your character's damage negation, increasing the risk of losing progress. It's a threat on your end, but since most of your attack damage comes from the talisman, it's worth it.

Ritual Sword Spell

To doRitual Sword Spell
It was madeIncreases attack power by 10% when HP is maxed.

Last but not least, the Ritual Sword Talisman will work immediately. Essentially, it will add to your character's total HP to grant attack power. You can choose the Ritual Sword Talisman or the Scorpion Lightning Amulet. However, using these two talismans will result in high damage, which is exactly what we are looking for in the Lightning version of the Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Lightning Build: Weapons, Talismans & More - VeryAli Gaming (7)

You can also add Radagon's Sorese Sigil if you find it difficult to maximize the character's stat potential. Sometimes you will need more stamina or dexterity points. In that case, Radagon's Soreseal will come in handy to help your stats at the cost of absorbing damage on your character. Here are some of thethe best talismans in the old ringwhich you might consider fitting your Lightning build type.

Conjuros para Lightning Build

You will then need to use spells to unlock the building's true potential. Thanks to attribute stats, your character qualifies for dozens of different spells to hit enemies with lightning damage.

Fortisaxx Lightning Spear

To doFortisaxx Lightning Spear
FP cost35
It was madeStab from above with the two red beam spears together
a type of spellCult of the Dragon Amulet

You may have seen players throw giant lightning spears that drain the enemy's HP as soon as they hit. If you're wondering what those spears were, you're now qualified to wield Fortisaxx's lightning power.Spear.

You can now impale enemies with a spear of intense red lightning. This enchantment requires 46 Faith with at least 52 Stamina. Since we already have Strength and Stamina stats, you may not have to worry about repeatedly running out of Stamina.

invitation give me strength

requiresIntelligenceFaithMysteriouslyslots used
FP cost28
It was madeIncreases physical attack power and fire affinity
a type of spellFire Monk spells

Flame Grant Me Strength is a fire focused spell that deals heavy damage to enemies. When using fire-based talismans, this spell will add a 20% increase in physical damage and fire damage during attacks.

Ancient Dragon Lightning Strike

requiresIntelligenceFaithMysteriouslyslots used
FP cost36
It was madeSummons a red beam that disperses on impact.
a type of spellCult of the Dragon Amulet

When it comes to the best Lightning build spells, Ancient Dragon's Lightning Strike is no exception. This spell will launch several red lightning bolts that will spread and wreak havoc on enemies. With a full scale of lightning damage and talisman boosts, Lightning Strike is a death knell for enemies and bosses alike.

A few other notable spells, like the Golden Vow for defensive items and Vyke's Dragonbolt Lightning Bolt with a weapon in his right hand. You are free to choose any spell for your Lightning build. There are only two factors you need to include: scale for lightning and area of ​​effect for spells. Once these requirements are met, you can experiment until you find the perfect spell to build.

Last words

There's no need to make this build more complex, as you have to rely on Faith to use lightning damage to play. Also, players should not have to worry about choosing a single piece of equipment or weapon to craft. The Elden Ring offers huge potential for self-exploration to identify resources and use them to advance the game. Experimentation is highly recommended as each player is looking for a unique play style. Experiments will be useful for using optimal resources to build Lightning.

That's all for building the Elden Ring Lightning. Did you find this guide helpful in creating your ideal character to cast powerful spells? What are your preferred weapon and talisman choices with lightning-centric characters? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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