How to beat Erdtree Burial Watchdog in Impaler's Catacombs - Bosses - Weeping Peninsula | an old ring (2023)

Information for the Erdtree Burial Watchdog handler atImpaler's Catacombsin Elden Ring, including details on how to find and defeat the Erdtree Burial Watchdog.

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Grave guard dog Erdtree uImpaler's Catacombs.

we speak Cap
How to beat Erdtree Burial Watchdog in Impaler's Catacombs - Bosses - Weeping Peninsula | an old ring (2)2400 half-human ashes

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entrance toImpaler's Catacombs.

Where is Erdtree's Burial Guard Dog in the Impaler Catacombs?

The Erdtree Burial Watchdog can be found at the endImpaler's CatacombsYesweeping peninsula. To get to the Implaer Catacombs, go toDvorac Morn Wall Site of Graceand head northeast up the hill to reach the top of the plateau. Continue north and you'll find a crown statue on some rocks overlooking a cliff, which will lead you to the catacombs. To get there, you'll need to head southeast, past some ruins until you reach a slope that goes downhill. You'll know you're on the right track when you see some large tombstones and, not long after, some ethereal jellyfish. entrance toImpaler's Catacombsthey are along the cliff to the southwest.

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You will have to navigateImpaler's Catacombs, walk to the floor of the trap and dodge as it rises, then drop under it to reach the water chambers. Navigate these chambers while avoiding zombies, climb the ladder and pull the lever to open the door leading to the boss.


Almost identical to the Erdtree Burial Watchdog you may have found in theCatacumbas de StormfootAlthough with slightly higher stats (more HP and damage), this boss is light and doesn't have many attacks, but he can still deal you damage, so don't completely underestimate him. Being mechanical in nature, some of its animations can be difficult to judge.

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This is Watchdog's main attack. He will throw himself into the air and slam his sword down towards the ground. He can do this attack multiple times in a row, though it's usually around 2-4 times. This is a great opportunity to deal some damage, as he punches straight down you can quickly attack before he jumps back up into the air. The more times you do this, the more damage you can do.

pyrotechnic turn

The guard dog will tilt its head slightly forward and shoot a stream of fire from its mouth in a circular motion. This is another good time to damage the boss. Stand to the right of his head, attack him, and when the fire gets close to you, circle away from him while doing a weird attack. You must be able to score at least two hits during this attack.

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As its name suggests, the guard dog will make a unique thrust towards you. You can do almost anything to avoid this attack. Block, turn to either side to attack, counter attack and even jump! You can get some free hits when you perform this attack.

a turn of the sword

If you're going to miss any damage with this boss, this attack will probably do it. The boss will drop the sword hand to the side with the tip of the sword at foot level, before turning 180°. The problem with this attack is that it comes quickly, so watch out for him when he drops his sword hand. If you're in melee range, jumping or blocking is your best bet to avoid the attack, if you're further away, you can just back away.

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chop a leg

The guard dog will stand on its hind legs, move towards you and slash. This is a very easy attack to dodge, you can block it if you have a shield, move anywhere if you don't. Fleeing is also an option to avoid attacks. This move is a good time to pull yourself together, step back a bit and drink the lovely crimson nectar your bottle provides.

hit hard

A simple horizontal slide attack. The boss will retract his weapon a bit before sliding towards you. A small turn towards you will be enough to avoid damage. It can also be blocked.

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sword strike

Every boss seems to have a variant of this attack. They will grab a weapon with both hands, dealing significant stamina damage if you block or health if you don't. Fortunately, he will only perform this attack if you spend a lot of time directly in front of him. To avoid this, move out of melee range.

tail attack

Similar to the Sword Slam attack, but with a tail. This attack only happens if you attack the boss from behind. If this happens, it is probably too late to avoid it. To avoid being attacked, avoid being attacked from behind for more than one attack. If you have quick reflexes, you can block it.

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vertical strip combination

You don't see this attack often, but it's in your arsenal. This seems to happen more often when the boss is low on HP. Watchdog will perform a three-hit combo, it will be two vertical slam attacks before finishing with a lunge. Even though it's a combo, it's slow enough that they feel like separate attacks. It's best to just walk away from the boss as the attacks can follow you.


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This boss is almost identical to the one found in theCatacumbas de Stormfoot; as an automaton, his movements are somewhat clumsy and jerky, making his attacks difficult to judge. Aside from Janky's animations, the main attacks you'll see are Pounce, Pyro Spin, and Thrust, with the others blending in during combat.

With the exception of Pounce, most of these attacks can be blocked or avoided relatively easily. For Pounce, run or roll away from him. The hardest part of the battle is finding the opportunity to deal damage. The best time seems to be when he's in Pounce or Pyro Spin, as you can hit the boss while he's doing his attack animation.

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Do this during an attack. Stay close enough to the boss when he lands where he won't get hit, but also not too far away, this will allow him to get a single attack for each attack he makes. With Pyro Spin, keep walking to the right in a circular motion to attack, and when the fire starts to get close to you, start running to get away for a bit. You can get at least two hits on the boss here. Finally, if you need to heal, try to stay a bit away from the boss as he will try to cut you off with his boost attack.

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Try to removejade elvesas quickly as possible to make this fight much easier.

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The boss himself might not be so bad, but Erdtree Burial Watchdog uImpaler's CatacombsHe does not fight alone, many join him.jade elves, whose presence significantly complicates things. Although their damage output is not high, their melee attacks can cause blood loss, and they are also capable of ranged attacks that can stun you. This can make it difficult to cast spells, perform ranged attacks, summon allies, or simply prevent a combo attack or get in the way while trying to dodge or block another attack. Suffice it to say, they're a nuisance and their impact in combat is greater than it seems - before you start fighting the Erdtree Burial Keeper, you should try to kill them alljade elvesOf course, in-camera calling will make this much easier, as will ranged attacks.

Erdtree's Burial Watchdog is fairly resistant to all forms of damage except physical (hit), and is immune to all status effects.

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