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Want to complete the Elden Ring Boc quest? The demi-human sewing kit may seem like a minor character at first, but his quest line is quite long and he is one of the few in all of the Elden Ring to have a happy ending. Boc will hop around the map making his own clothes for free, but if you haven't guessed from his dialogue, he has self-esteem issues.

Boco's quest is to help him either accept himself or change who he is. Unfortunately, it's not a reward-rich quest and the only thing you can expect from it is a Master's gesture. But it's also a very easy questline to follow, as, like many NPCs, Boc tracks your progress through the game.

In this Boc's mission guide, I'll show you where he appears throughout the game and what you need to do to secure the tailoring services of the demi-humans.

Elden Ring Mission Summary Boc

Here are all the steps you need to take if you want to get the most out of Boc's research and secure your services as a true seamstress:

1. Save Boca from getting stuck like a tree by hitting him near Lake Agheel North Grace Site.
2. Talk to Boco in the dungeon at the Coastal Cave Site of Grace.
3. Defeat the demi-human bosses in the coastal cave to get the sewing needle.
4. Give Boca a sewing needle.
5. Meet Boca at the Site of Grace from the lakeside cliffs.
6. Take the golden sewing needle from the chest in the Church of the Covenant.
7. Buy a piece of changeable chest armor from an Enie finger reader, such as Radahn's Lion Armor.
8. Meet Boca at Grace Gate in East Raya Lucaria.
9. Meet Boca at Grace's Altus Highway Junction or continue to Leyndell and meet him at the East Capital Rampart.
10. Give him a golden sewing needle.
11. Go to the Hermit Village on Mount Gelmir to get the Jabber You're Beautiful item and use it near Boco before talking to him.oobey his request and give him the larva's tear.

If you use "You're Beautiful" on Boco, he will continue to give you free tailoring at East Capital Rampart. However, if you give a Larval Tear, they will go to Ray Lucario, transform into a human, and then die (like the scholar children of Rennale). You will also need to defeat Rennala in order for him to make this request.

Also note that:Boc seems to disappear from the game when you kill Malekith and Leyndell becomes Ash's capital.It is not clear if this is a bug that only some people encounter, but it is worth noting.

saving the goat

How to complete the Elden Ring Boc quest (2)

Where to find boc

The first place you find Boc in Elden Ring is near Agheel Lake North Site of Grace in West Limgrave. As you travel down the road to the south, he calls out to you. Follow his voice to a nearby bush (there will probably be a message around it) and hit it to free him. Exhaust his dialogue and he'll tell you he's going to sneak into the demi-human lair to steal your treasure.

Saving Boca again

How to complete the Elden Ring Boc quest (3)

How to get a sewing needle

You will then find Boca in the coastal cave dungeon next to the Site of Grace. Talk to him, then go into the dungeon and defeat the demi-human bosses. It's not too complicated and you can always summon Old Knight Istvan at the boss door if you're taking too long. Return to Boco and give him the sewing needle you got from the boss. By the way, completing this dungeon also unlocks the ChurchDragon's Communion.

Liurnia and the Covenant Church

How to get a golden sewing needle

Boc appears in several places in Liurnia, first at the place of grace on the cliffs overlooking the lake, then at the eastern gate of Ray Lucario's place of grace. You may have to rest first for him to appear, but he'll craft clothes for free at any of these locations.

Then head to the Church of the Covenant in eastern Liurnia. Inside the church is a chest with a golden sewing needle. You'll give this to Boca later.

Visoravan Altus





How to complete the Elden Ring Boc quest (7)

How to complete the Elden Ring Boc quest (8)

How to get the emotion My Lord

Once you reach the Altus Plateau, Boc can be found at the Grace location at the intersection of the Altus Highway. He will ask if he can call you "my sir" and if you say yes, he will do the my sir gesture, which is one of the best gestures in the game. You can also give him the Golden Sewing Needle here, though you'll need a changing boss outfit like Radahn's Lion Armor. If you miss the Boc at the Altus Highway Junction, you can find it at the East Capital Rampart after entering Leydell.

When Boc gets a golden sewing needle, he will wonder if his mother would be proud of him. From here you have two options: Use Talking Pate. You're cute around him and tell him he's cute when you talk to himoheed her request and give her the larva's tear if you defeat Rennala. The second option is pretty useless, as it will kill Boca and give you nothing. After receiving the Larval Tear, he moves to Rennala in Great Ray Lucaria's library and dies soon after.

If you want to keep getting the free tailoring, you'll need to use the multiplayer item Prattling Pate You're Beautiful, which allows you to say the phrase out loud. In the next section we explain where to get it.

Monte Gelmir e vila eremita

How to complete the Elden Ring Boc quest (9)

Onde encontrar o Talking Pate You're Beautiful

If you want to tell Boco that he's beautiful, go to Hermit Village on Mt. Gelmir. This can only be accessed via the Seethewater River and the terminal, which can be reached via the southwestern Altus Plateau near the Wyndham Ruins. Make your way all the way past the Fire Keeper's Fort and the Magma Wyrm boss until you find a town full of demi-humans.

Chatter Paté Eres Hermosa is located in a small house next door on the main street. Go back to Boco, use this near him and tell him it's nice. Your demi-human squire will continue to mod your armor for free and won't run Raya Lucarii to die. Unfortunately, the only reward for this quest is Boc's loyalty and favors, but at least it has a happy ending.

So how do I get Boco's hat?

How to get the aristocratic hat

The aristocratic hat is a somewhat rare piece of nobles with swords wearing it. You can find some of them in the caravan heading north past the Waypoint Ruins in Limgrave. I recommend using silver bird's paw and silver tear mask to increase item detection, otherwise you will have a long farm.

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