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We'll walk you through Ranni's story quest from start to finish.

How to complete the Ranni quest in Elden Ring (1)

Pair of chickens:

  • How to start the Ranni quest
  • How to find Nokron
  • Tips from Starscourge Radahn
  • Find Blade Fingerslaying for Ranni in Nokron
  • Explore Nokstella and get the Discarded Palace Key
  • Lago de Rot e Astel, Naturalborn of the Void
  • The Moonlight Altar and the Shadowmoon Greatsword
  • Epilogue der Ranni-Mission

Elden Ring NPC-Quests

How to complete the Ranni quest in Elden Ring (2)

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ÖElden Ring Ranni QuestIt's one of the most important in the game as it unlocks a specific ending, but it also takes you to some of the most secret locations in the Midlands. It will even see you fighting some hidden bosses. That said, it's a surprisingly easy quest to miss if you head straight into the game towards Leyndell.

Even if you manage to get started, there are some particularly tricky steps that can easily throw you off track or just make it unclear what you really need to do next. But it's a shame to miss this one, especially as it reveals much of the game's lore and also ties into some other ending-related characters, as inSeek(opens in a new tab).

You'll meet Ranni first when she gives you theseGhost call bell(opens in a new tab), although during this encounter she calls herself Renna. She claims you'll never see her again, but if you go to Ranni's Rise in Liurnia (accessible through Caria Manor) you can start the quest. In this Elden Ring Ranni quest guide I will walk you through it step by step so you can collect this important thingShadowmoon Greatsword(opens in a new tab).

This tour contains many spoilers for stories about secret places and Ranni so please avoid if you want to experience these things yourself.

Elden Ring Ranni quest summary

Below is a broad summary of the main stages of Ranni's mission, but below we will explain them in more detail:

  1. Trefft Ranni bei Ranni's Rise in Caria Manor, Liurnia.
  2. He meets Lobo in the Siofra River.
  3. Speak to Seluvis to get her letter of recommendation from Sorceress Sellen.
  4. Speak to Sellen for more information about Radahn.
  5. Talk to Wolf about Radahn.
  6. Veal Castillo Redmane, Caelid.
  7. Defeat Radahn to free the stars.
  8. Head to East Limgrave and descend into the Shooting Star Crater.
  9. Go to the Nokron Center to get the Fingerslayer sword.
  10. Go back and give the sword to Ranni.
  11. Go to Renna's Rise and go through the portal.
  12. Pick up the miniature Ranni doll and talk to her in Grace until she speaks.
  13. Defeat Blaidd's Shadow near Lake Rot to get the key.
  14. Go to the Gran Raya Lucaria Library to open the chest and get the ring.
  15. Cross the Lake of Rot and climb down the ledges to climb into the coffin.
  16. Defeat Astel, Naturalborn of the Void and enter the room behind him.
  17. Go to Manus Celes Cathedral and go down the hole.
  18. Put the ring on Ranni's finger.
  19. Claim the Darkmoon Greatsword.

How to start the Ranni quest

How to start the Ranni quest

First go to Caria Manor in the northern part of West Liurnia.Be sure to talk to the giant blacksmith Iji on your way down the path, as this will become relevant later. Go in and through the mansion and take care of those horrible hand monsters. After the troll knight up the stairs, you'll come to a large room with a pool surrounded by chairs.

Here you fight Loretta, and she's a cunning boss with an arsenal of spells and a polearm that packs a nasty reach on horseback. Before you head out into the garden, take the time to hit it yourself. There are three towers here: Renna's Rise, Ranni's Rise, and Seluvis' Rise. Go to the central tower, Ranni's Rise.

Climb to the top and speak to Ranni to begin the quest for the lost city of Nokron. After that, head downstairs to talk to the other members of your happy little gang.Lobo(opens in a new tab)He will say that he is going to the Siofra River to look for Nokron and meet him there.





How to complete the Ranni quest in Elden Ring (3)

How to complete the Ranni quest in Elden Ring (4)

(Video) Ranni The Witch: Full Questline Walkthrough | Elden Ring (Blaidd & Renna Quest)

How to find Nokron

How to find Nokron in the Elden Ring

Go to the Siofra River via the Siofra River Well in the Cloudwoods of East Limgrave.You'll find Blaidd later in the underground region. Talk to him and he'll explain that he can see Nokron up there, but he can't figure out how to get there. Follow these steps:

  1. Talk to Iji on the way to the mansion to talk about Nokron, Blaidd, and Renna.
  2. Go to Seluvis' Rise to get the potion for Nepheli, then ask for Nokron. Seluvis will give you a letter of recommendation to Sorceress Sellen.
  3. Go to the East Limgrave Waypoint Ruins, south along the path from Agheel Lake North Site of Grace.
  4. Defeat Mad Pumpkin Head in the basement to unlock Sellen and give him the letter. She will tell you to kill Radahn.
  5. Optional:Go back to Blaidd to tell him what he said about Radahn and he will mention the Battle Festival at Castle Redmane and tell you to meet him there. You can also talk to Iji about it for additional dialogue.

Tips from Starscourge Radahn

Derrotar a Starscourge Radahn

Now comes the hard part. Go to the fort at the southeasternmost point of Caelid:Redmane Castle.Walk through the defensesStrom(opens in a new tab), and jump past the troll by the door to sneak through. Eventually you will reach the Chamber outside of Plaza Sitio de Gracia. The good news is that this quest actually got you skipping a terrible boss. In the next chamber where this boss should be, the festival's participants, including Blaidd and Alexander, are The Iron Fist.

Go upstairs and talk to Jerren, then use the elevator and portal to enter the boss.Starscourge Radahn is a terrible boss, but here are some tips:

  • Don't summon other players., as this fight is much easier on horseback.
  • During battle, summons NPCs using the characters that respawn when they die.
  • Let the NPCs lead Radahn into melee combat while dodging his ranged attacks. This will prevent him from using his basically inevitable Rain of Arrows attack.
  • The best option is to destroy Radahn from afar with Scarlet (Rot Pot, Rot Grease, Rot Weapons) or Sorcery.
  • For those using melee, wait for their combos to end and run with Torrent to attack his rear end and horse. In any case, to maximize the power of your attacks, I recommend using some talismans like Lance Talisman, Ax Talisman or Blue Dancer Charm.
  • Watch out for his second phase where he returns as a flaming meteor.He will summon four asteroids around him and if he moves away from you he will shoot them. Dodge them or stay near the top of the ridge so you can use the hill to block them.





How to complete the Ranni quest in Elden Ring (7)

(Video) Elden Ring: Full Ranni Questline (Complete Guide) - All Choices, Endings, and Rewards Explained

How to complete the Ranni quest in Elden Ring (8)

Once Radahn is dead, the stars will return and one will fall to earth in East Limgrave.

Find Blade Fingerslaying for Ranni in Nokron

Find the Finger Killing Blade for Ranni in Nokron

Head to the south part of East Limgrave and you'll see a pile of floating debris and a crater.Go through the crater to enter Nokron, the Eternal City. Make your way through the area past the boss Mimic Tear and into the forest with the ancient warriors. Find this Site of Grace: Allows you to access the Holy Sites of the Night by jumping across the rooftops. In the middle of this area, under the giant Fingerslayer sitting on the throne, you'll find the Fingerslayer sword in a chest.

In Ranni's Rise, give Ranni the Fingerslayer sword and she will give you the inverted statue of Carian, which unlocks thatcaric study(opens in a new tab).

If you want to know where Blaidd went, talk to Iji. He will tell you that he locked up Blaidd for his own good. You can get additional dialogue from the werewolf if you go to Forlorn Hound Evergaol at the southernmost point of West Limgrave.

Explore Nokstella and get the Discarded Palace Key

Once you sit in a place of graceNow you can go to Renna's Rise, the previously inaccessible tower. It houses a portal that takes you to the Ainsel River. Nearby you will find the miniature Ranni. Take her to a mercy center and talk to her until she answers. Tiny Ranni will tell you to go to Nokstella to kill some shadows, but you can get additional dialogue if you talk to her during the graces along the way.

Fight your way through Nokstella beneath the meteor-shooting Star Beast to descend in an elevator to a garden inhabited by ant-riding Nox Monks. Head right to find another elevator that will take you to the Nokstella Waterfall Pool reward. He runs past the basilisks only to be ambushed by Blaidd. Kill him and Ranni will thank you and give you the discarded palace key. Go to the Great Ray Lucaria Library where you fought Rennala and open the chest to find the Darkmoon Ring.





(Video) How to do Ranni's Questline | Age of Stars ENDING ► Elden Ring

How to complete the Ranni quest in Elden Ring (11)

How to complete the Ranni quest in Elden Ring (12)

Lago de Rot e Astel, Naturalborn of the Void

Lago de Rot e Astel, Naturalborn of the Void

From where you fought Blaidd, go to the Lake of Rot.You can stand on the switches to make the platforms appear, but I recommend going straight to the huge door on the right if you have enough bottles to stay alive. There's a mercy just inside the door. Use the nearby ledges to drop down to the pests below. Don't go into the end room, go straight to the stone coffin in the waterfall. go up and wait





How to complete the Ranni quest in Elden Ring (13)

How to complete the Ranni quest in Elden Ring (14)

This will start a scene and you will find yourself in front of a foggy door.Like something straight out of Bloodborne, Astel, Naturalborn of the Void is a cosmic nightmare scorpion that has a variety of AoE attacks. It's best to hit him in the face with leap attacks when you can to stagger him while watching out for his AoE and pincer claws. Once he's dead, go ahead and take the elevator upstairs.

The Moonlight Altar and the Shadowmoon Greatsword

The Moonlight Altar and the Shadowmoon Greatsword

Finally you're there! The end of the street.Take the elevator up to the big cathedral which you can see.A dragon boss will appear for you to fight, but if you'd rather not just run into it. In the middle of Manus Celes Cathedral there is a hole in the ground that you can enter. Inside you will find Ranni and some very dead fingers. He will then start a cutscene where he will put the Dark Moon Ring on his finger. She will thank you for becoming her champion, and after she disappears, the Dark Moon Greatsword will appear in front of you.


(Video) Elden Ring: All Quests in Order + Missable Content - Ultimate Guide - Part 1 (Limgrave)




How to complete the Ranni quest in Elden Ring (15)

How to complete the Ranni quest in Elden Ring (16)

Epilogue der Ranni-Mission

Frogs alternative Enddialog

If you want additional dialogue, go to where Grace was sitting at the top of Ranni's Rise.This also changes the dialogue towards the end of the game.

Now you can hunt RanniEnd of the Star Ageonce you finish the rest of the game. After defeating the last boss, just use Ranni's summon sign to start it.

So what happened to Ranni's comrades Blaidd the werewolf and Iji?

If you want to know where Blaidd went, head back to Ranni's Rise to find him. Just be prepared for what develops.

It's also worth speaking to Iji afterwards for a quest epilogue.

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How to complete the Ranni quest in Elden Ring (17)

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How do you make sure you get the Ranni ending? ›

Complete Ranni's quest in full and after defeating the final boss of Elden Ring you'll now have access to a unique blue summon sign. Instead of touching the item that leads to the Elden Lord ending, use that sign to summon Ranni - and that gives you the Age of the Stars ending.

What can fail Ranni quest? ›

What can fail Ranni quest? You will need to immediately return to Rogier and speak to him again, and he will give you an excuse to give Ranni that can continue her questline. If he goes to sleep or dies, you will have no way to get this info, and the quest will fail.

Where do I finish Ranni quest? ›

Ranni's final location is deep down in the Cathedral of Manus Celes in Moonlight Altar. This area is available after defeating Astel, Naturalborn of the Void. To fight the boss, go to the Baleful Shadow location, then walk forward to reach the Lake of Rot.

Can you get locked out of Rannis Questline? ›

It's worth noting that if you progress his quest right to the end, you'll be locked out of finishing Ranni's lengthy quest unless you atone at the Church of Vows (opens in new tab).

Should you serve ranni the witch? ›

Should You Serve Ranni the Witch? Ranni will ask you to serve her once you reach her. There are no negative consequences to saying yes - only boons, such as more story questlines and unique rewards. You must complete Ranni's questline to continue Fia's Questline, which unlocks yet another unique ending as well.

Do you get anything for killing Ranni? ›

Kill him and Ranni will thank you, giving you the Discarded Palace Key. If you read the item description, you'll know that this key can be used to open the locked treasure chest in the Grand Library of Raya Lucaria, where Rennala is located to respec your character.

Does Ranni quest lock other endings? ›

The third ending is the culmination of Ranni's narrative throughline. If you want to see Ranni's ending — and be aware that this will lock you out of the other two choices — look for Ranni's summon sign after you defeat the final boss.

What is the hardest ending to get Elden Ring? ›

The Frenzied Flame ending is probably the strangest one that Elden Ring has to offer. It's also the most difficult to trigger. Your maiden, Melina, will actually abandon you if you pursue the Frenzied Flame ending, just to give you an idea of how far off the beaten path you'll have to go.

Can you do both Ranni and dung eater quest? ›

Remember, it's possible to complete Fia, Goldmask, Dung Eater, and Ranni's quests in one playthrough, then pick who to side with at the end.

Can you get to Radahn without Ranni? ›

Ranni the Witch Method

It's not necessary to meet here here to start her questline, but it does shed light on the nature of this demigod.

Do I have to complete the Ranni Questline to finish the Blaidd Questline? ›

After this, you'll need to finish Ranni's questline before you can finish Blaidd's. This process involves entering Nokron, finding its hidden treasure, bringing it back to Ranni, and then completing several other tasks for her until you eventually meet her at the Cathedral of Manus Celes.

Is Ranni the main quest? ›

Elden Ring's Ranni questline is less of a side quest and more a parallel quest. It's full of lore and will take you across most of the Lands Between in the many hours it takes you to complete it. It also unlocks an alternate ending to the game.

Can I join Volcano Manor and Ranni? ›

Completing rannis questline will lock you out of other questlines, but not thw volcano manor. You can do the manor. Although fighting the boss at the end of the legicy dungeon will lock you out of finishing the volcano manor side quest.

What level should you finish Elden Ring? ›

The recommended level for this area is between 50 to 60. The recommended weapon level is +4 to +5. Just like the areas, you can take on the bosses in any order you feel like as well.

What does Varre give you? ›

Once you have collected Maiden's Blood using one of these methods, return to Varre at the Rose Church. During the conversation, you'll be asked to offer your finger. Doing so gives you the Bloody Finger item. Speak to him again and you'll receive a Pureblood Knight's Medal.

Can you betray Ranni? ›

However, if you'd like to take this further and betray Ranni the Witch, you can do so. Wait a little while then obtain the Amber Draught from Preceptor Seluvis and administer it to Ranni the Witch.

Is ranni the witch powerful? ›

Eventually, players learn she is actually the demigod Ranni. Even though she relies heavily on the main character, she is far more powerful than she lets on. She did, after all, orchestrate the Night of Black Knives by stealing a piece of the Rune of Death.

What happens if you hit ranni the witch? ›

Once you beat him, a falling star will crash into the Lands Between. Luckily, it will happen in the precise spot that allows you to travel to Nokron. This allows you to begin Ranni the Witch's quest.

What happens if I touch fractured Marika? ›

Elden Ring Melina ending

Once you've defeated the Elden Beast, walk over and touch Fractured Marika, choosing the option to mend the ring. The Tarnished will become Elden Lord and sit upon the throne.

What happens if you pledge to Ranni? ›

Step 1: Pledge Yourself To Ranni

This will grant you access to the area behind the Manor, which has multiple Rises.

Can I get Ranni back? ›

You'll first encounter Ranni when she gives you the Spirit Calling Bell (opens in new tab), though she'll call herself Renna during this encounter. She claims you'll never see her again, but if you head to Ranni's Rise in Liurnia (accessible through Caria Manor), you'll be able to start the quest.

How do you save Melina? ›

At the end of the day, to save Melina, you have to take her place as the sacrificial offering to the Erdtree by making her leave you before the conclusion of her arc.

Does Ranni have the best ending? ›

Elden Ring has six endings, and Ranni's Age of Stars is the only true “good” ending, as it leaves The Lands Between better than it was found. Elden Ring has six endings, and Ranni's Age of Stars is the only true “good” ending, morally speaking.

Is there a 7th ending in Elden Ring? ›

Update 4/1/2022: As some predicted, it turns out that this supposed secret 7th ending in Elden Ring is actually just an April Fools' Day prank. Original story follows. Like previous FromSoftware games, there are multiple endings that Elden Ring players can get based on the actions they take throughout the game.

What is the most popular ending in Elden Ring? ›

According to Elden Ring achievement data, the most popular ending in FromSoftware's open world action-RPG was the Age of the Stars ending. Elden Ring has multiple endings for players to unlock, like many FromSoftware games before it.

What is the fastest way to get all the endings in Elden Ring? ›

If you want to see all Elden Ring endings, you'll need to complete various NPC quests before reaching the final boss. It's also worth noting that you'll need to complete multiple playthroughs if you want to see every Elden Ring ending, so prepare to spend a lot of time in the Lands Between.

Should I set Dung Eater free? ›

Step 5: Set the Dung Eater free

Unlock the door and speak to the Dung Eater, commanding him to leave his cell. It can be tempting to kill him here, given what he informs you he's planning to do, but you must resist the urge if you're going to complete this quest.

Where is Dung Eater after freeing? ›

Go back to the Roundtable Hold and Dung Eater will be there again.

Does killing Rykard affect volcano manor? ›

After beating Rykard players can no longer progress the Volcano Manor questline, but this implies that they did not finish the questline to reach Rykard in the first place.

What level should I be to fight Radahn? ›

Elden Ring Radahn boss battle

You should be at least level 70 before fighting Radahn, ideally with a powerful weapon suited to your chosen build, such as the Moonveil Katana, or strong spells with good range, including Comet.

What does killing Radahn do? ›

Killing Radahn will get you the Remembrance of the Starscourge, and Radahn's Great Rune. It will also trigger a cutscene that shows a meteor landing somewhere on the map, which will trigger a continuation of Ranni's questline...

What is Radahn weak against? ›

Radahn is extremely weak to Scarlet Rot. Inflicting it on him once will bring him down to half health in a short time. Inflicting it on him again near the start of the second phase will kill him in a short time.

Can you fight Blaidd after Ranni quest? ›

After completing the quest for Ranni, players will need to return to Ranni's rise in order to meet with Blaidd one final time. Unfortunately for them, this time, Blaidd is out for blood and players will have to fight him. There is no other way to reason with him, and fighting is the only option.

Can you fail Blaidd Questline? ›

Head back to Ranni's Rise after completing Ranni's questline (or just outside it) to see Blaidd again - only this time, he's aggressive and out to kill you. There's no way to pacify him -fight him, put him out of his misery and end his questline for good.

Is Ranni the true ending? ›

Elden Ring has six endings, and Ranni's Age of Stars is the only true “good” ending, as it leaves The Lands Between better than it was found. Elden Ring has six endings, and Ranni's Age of Stars is the only true “good” ending, morally speaking.

How do you activate stars ending Elden Ring? ›

The Age of Stars is one of the endings you can get by siding with Ranni the Witch. To do this, you will need to finish her questline in its entirety by using the Dark Moon Ring to free her and return her body to its corporal form.

How do you get the secret ending in Elden Ring? ›

To unlock the Elden Ring secret ending, you need to complete Ranni's questline. At the end of Elden Ring, you need to choose to trigger the Age of the Stars ending by using a summon sign on the ground after defeating the final boss. This allows Ranni to become a God and replace Marika.

Can you talk to Ranni after the age of stars ending? ›

Step 9: Age of the Stars Ending

Once you've beaten the final boss of the game, there will be a summon sign on the ground where you can summon Ranni.

Why did Ranni destroy her body? ›

In summrize, Ranni killed her own body to escape the control of Two Fingers.

How old is Ring Star? ›

Born Richard Starkey, Ringo was born on July 7, 1940. He celebrated his 81st birthday in 2021. He was born in Dingle, an inner-city area of Liverpool. He was the only child of confectioners Richard Starkey (1913–1981) and Elsie Gleave (1914–1987).

Do you have to burn the tree? ›

Unfortunately, to complete the main storyline, the Erdtree must be incinerated to reach the final boss and complete the game.

What happens if you touch fractured Marika? ›

Elden Ring Melina ending

Once you've defeated the Elden Beast, walk over and touch Fractured Marika, choosing the option to mend the ring. The Tarnished will become Elden Lord and sit upon the throne.

What is the bad ending in Elden Ring? ›

The Lord of Frenzied Flame is considered the bad ending of Elden Ring, as it sees you become a destructive dictator, consuming the world in the flame of chaos. To unlock it, you'll need to follow Hyetta's quest all the way to the Three Fingers and become their champion.

Can you spare Melina Elden Ring? ›

Can you save Melina Elden Ring? Melina can be saved in Elden Ring, but only if the player makes an enemy of her. Melina cannot be resurrected after she dies. The player winds up at odds with Melina if they are embraced by the Three Fingers.


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