Top 5 Physical Education Review Courses [2023 Physical Education Exam Prep] (2023)

PPI2Pasaroffers some of the most comprehensive review programs available for the civil engineering sport exam. As a Kaplan partner, the company was founded by Michael Lindeburg, the author of the original Civil PE review course. All materials are constantly updated to current exam specifications, making this one of the most up-to-date preparatory physical education courses for professional engineering license candidates.

The PPI2Pass PE test is characterized by its comprehensive functions and its flexibility in mixing and matching. A student is not limited to specific packages. You can access materials that best guide you.

To get started, simply enter your exam date and take a quick diagnostic test. The system creates a plan that meets your specific needs. This includes items such as:

Also, you might want to take advantage of upfront pricing. If you subscribeLive-RückblickIf you complete the course and find you passed the exam, you will receive a 100% refund.

Alternatively, if you fail the exam after enrolling in a live assessment course, PPI offers a 90-day guarantee.upon requestfree course

PPI2Pass has just updated its prep courses with a new live course, hundreds of new practice assignments and three additional diagnostic exams.

This content is based entirely on the newComputer-Based Testing (CBT)form for the exam. This ensures you have the latest and most relevant materials available when you apply.

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#3 Definitive preparation for the civil sports exam

Top 5 Physical Education Review Courses [2023 Physical Education Exam Prep] (2)

Islast civilianPhysical Education ReviewThe course consists of 10 modules covering 8 topics found in the Comprehensive Civilian Physical Education Examination. It is a very focused course that is constantly updated to meet specs. In addition to the PE exam refresher courses and the introductory and final module, your refresher course includes:

  • project planning
  • means and methods
  • soil mechanics
  • structural mechanics
  • hydraulics and hydrology
  • geometric
  • Material
  • website development

Ultimate Civil PE Review also includes over 150 video practice exercises, 2 full-length practice exams, one in-depth exam of your choice, and 20 theory questions.

The entire course references the PE Civil Reference Manual. It's the most used tool in the industry, so it's a great resource to take advantage of. (Quick Tip: If you don't have a CERM, get it from the PPI Store and use your discount code CIVAC to get a 15% discount.)

This is also a great option for students who want to save some money on their physical education exam prep. This is because this company has extremely flexible pricing between 1-month, 6-month, and yearly subscriptions.

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Please note, however, that this course is only offered for civil engineering. Other practices such as chemical, environmental, mechanical and others are not considered.

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#4 Capstone Learning Associates

Top 5 Physical Education Review Courses [2023 Physical Education Exam Prep] (3)

Another fantastic resource for students preparing for their physical education exam comes from Capstone. This company offers a wide variety of learning materials specifically geared towards future engineers, so you can rest assured that this subject is sure to fit into your wheelhouse.

If you're looking for a guided experience akin to a traditional classroom setting, most of their PE review courses offer 30+ hours of narration to guide you through the technical fundamentals. Additionally, the 250+ sample questions ensure you have plenty of practice tests on these concepts so you can walk into the test center with confidence on test day.

Check out these options for physical education students in Capstone's course catalog:

  • Chemical PE verification
  • Mechanical PE verification
    • systems and materials
    • Thermal systems and liquids
  • Civil PE Structure Review
  • Review of electrical and computer power

However, there are some disappointing aspects of Capstone PE's course offerings that keep you from ranking higher. One is the lack of truly live classes or live online classes, whether live streaming or in person. Luckily, the cost of many of the products in their catalogs reflects this absence, offering an affordable alternative to some of the more expensive options available.

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#5 Preparing for the EET physical education test

Top 5 Physical Education Review Courses [2023 Physical Education Exam Prep] (4)

Engineering Education and Training offers a variety of comprehensive and professional revision courses to pass the physical education exam. They have a high pass rate (80-85%) and excellent feedback from students and test-takers. If you fail after the first review session, you can repeat the course for free the following season.

In addition, EET's interactive refresher courses are designed to fully involve course participants. Students work to solve problems while receiving continuous feedback. All instructors are exam preparation experts with practical knowledge of the physical education exam. They work to combine subject fundamentals and problem-solving techniques to fully equip people for exams.

EET offers refresher courses in civil engineering. This includes:

  • Fundamentals of Engineering
  • PE civil
    • Amplitude
    • depth
      • Structurally
      • Transport
      • construction
      • geotechnical
      • Environment (water resources)
  • structural analysis
    • Laterally
    • Vertical
  • California specific physical education classes
  • Topography
  • seismic

The cost of civilian PE courses depends on the option you choose:On-Demand-Webinar, Live-Webinar,ÖLive-Seminar. It also depends on the type of technique –Structurally, civil engineering, geotechnical engineering and much more. All in all, the cost is very affordable, with prices ranging from $550 to $650.

Please note, however, that the EET PE exam is for California state licensing only and only covers certain types of engineering. As such, students looking to get licensed in other jurisdictions should look elsewhere or just take advantage of the other attractive features.

#6 TestMasters PE-Revision

TestMasters PE review

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TestMasters is another of the best PE test prep providers in the engineering world. They offer three different ways to study for your physical education exams. These include:

  • live personally– Traditional lessons and lessons.
  • live on the internet– Real-time web-based instruction (Cisco WebEx) with live instruction.
  • upon request- Learn at your own pace through pre-recorded video lectures.

All of your review courses come with custom course guides. Each has been developed by experienced instructors who really understand technical concepts. They guarantee that you will pass the exam if you take all the courses and see all the required study materials. However, if you don't succeed the first time, you can repeat the course at TestMasters for free.

TestMasters offers a variety of course materials including 72 hours of lessons designed to help you pass. But the unfortunate truth is that TestMasters doesn't offer courses for every physical exam. Instead, they cover the following:

  • civil engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • environmental engineering
  • chemical engineering

It's important to note that the TestMasters PE folder and reference notes get rave reviews online. In fact, many engineering students have reported using this as their only study aid. It's much more convenient than carrying a backpack and cuts straight to the essentials for passing the exam.

Please note that unlike the other review courses on this list, TestMasters does not include practice exams. So if it's a feature you need to pass on, you might want to pick a different review site. However, the excellent reference grades and the attractive guarantee make this option worth considering.

frequently asked questions

Which sports test is the easiest?

According to the latest data published by theNCEES, the easiest PE exam to pass is Mechanics: HVAC & Refrigeration (75% pass).

Is the PE exam harder than the FE?

As the PE exam is intended to be the next step after the FE exam, it is a more difficult exam and takes about twice as long. However, pass rates for PE exams are higher than for FE exams because most candidates are experienced professionals who are already familiar with the structure and environment of the NCEES exam.

How long should I study for the sports school exam?

You must allow at least three months for the physical education exam; This is the typical time it takes to complete a full physical education exam review course. You can spend more time studying if you need to, but avoid preparing for more than a year or you will miss this year's NCEES testing window.

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What percentage do you need to pass the PE?

NCEES does not publish passing results for any of its exams, including the civilian physical education exam. They state that the percentage required to pass varies depending on the specific subject you are taking. However, they also mention that you don't lose points for wrong answers. So your best chance of succeeding is not to leave questions unanswered! That is why it is important to choose a sports preparation course with many sample exercises.

Kenneth W. Boyd

Kenneth W. Boyd is a former Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and the author of several popular For Dummies books published by John Wiley & Sons, including CPA Exam for Dummies and Cost Accounting for Dummies.

Ken has a wealth of business experience from his previous positions as an accountant, chartered accountant, tax consultant and college professor. Today, Ken uses these honed skills to train students to be professional writers and teachers.


Top 5 Physical Education Review Courses [2023 Physical Education Exam Prep]? ›

The approximate time frame for in-depth preparation and promising success comprises 200-300 hours. On average, students can easily pass the PE exam after studying for 3-4 months.

Which PE prep course is best? ›

Winners: The Best PE Exam Prep Courses of 2023
  • Best Overall PE Prep Course: School of PE.
  • Best Value PE Exam Prep: Civil Engineering Academy.
  • Best PE Prep Live Classes: PPI2Pass.
  • Best PE Exam Instructors: Excel Test Prep.

How do I start preparing for PE exam? ›

Preparing, Studying, and Passing the NCEES PE Exam
  1. Get ready to study. ...
  2. Gather your PE exam study materials; including textbooks, calculators, class notes, etc.
  3. Request support at work and at home.
  4. Develop and follow through with your study plan.
  5. Practice self-care to alleviate stress ahead of your exam.
Jan 12, 2022

Is 2 months enough to study for PE exam? ›

The approximate time frame for in-depth preparation and promising success comprises 200-300 hours. On average, students can easily pass the PE exam after studying for 3-4 months.

How many months to study for PE exam? ›

We recommend that you study for approximately 100-120 hours. A solid study plan that worked for several of our engineers is to spend approximately one half day each Sunday studying for the three months leading up to the exam, and then study every day for a few hours the week before the exam.

How hard is it to pass the PE exam? ›

Truthfully, the PE exam really is not that difficult. The exam is more a test on your organizational skills and prior preparation. Being organized is the most critical element on exam day. As you know from the FE exam, you are on the clock with a set time limit for both morning and afternoon sessions.

What percentage is needed to pass the PE exam? ›

However: It is suggested that the average passing score for the PE exam is about 70%. It means you will need to correctly answer about 70% of the problems, that is roughly 56 out of 80 correct responses.


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